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Summary Sunday: How Tos For Your Career

What did we do before Google? How did we get answers to questions? We looked them up in dictionaries, maps, encyclopedias and other publications. In this weekly roundup of top articles, I make it easier for you to find How Tos for your career and job search! Throughout your career, you'll have questions. Get the answers to current [...]

Job search has changed a bit over the last few years. Keep up to date with trends in social media and information to help advance your career. Social job search means using social media during your job search. And yes, you can search without being on social media, but I don't recommend it. So if you [...]

Summary Sunday: The Job Search News You Need

The articles featured here contain the job search news you need to know about! You'll find helpful information to improve how you conduct your job search, brand yourself, perform in interviews and more! Get tips on how to master LinkedIn, news about what Microsoft's pending purchase of LinkedIn will mean, what you need to know before you [...]

Summary Sunday: Job Search Advice and Trends

What's new and important in the world of job search? If you haven't had the time to monitor the latest job search advice and trends scene, here are some articles to help you sharpen the saw and revamp your strategy.  I Thought My Career Was Over Until I Did These 5 Things by John White | [...]

Summary Sunday: Ideas and Fixes For Job Search

Fix how you are job searching, how you research companies and brand yourself online! Get creative job search campaign ideas,and what you can do to be more likeable!

Summary Sunday: Get A Grip On Your Career

Landing a job isn't the end of your job search. The new reality requires you constantly grow and learn- and network! You're going to want to get a grip on your career and how you manage it! These 5 posts should help!