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Summary Sunday: Empower Yourself

This weekly collection of posts centers around how you can empower yourself. No matter what career and/or life stage you are in, it is up to you to take control. You'll find advice on networking, interviewing, as well as some new ideas to help boost your skills and knowledge. It's too easy to complain about [...]

Summary Sunday: Storify RoundUp

These were the most popular posts I shared via Twitter this past week and curated through Storify! Storify enables you to collect almost anything on the web and insert it into your own publication. (Great branding) I wrote about using Storify (Build Your Brand By Sharing Content), but hadn't taken full advantage of it myself. So consider this [...]

Summary Sunday: Don’t Wait for A Career Crisis

Job search and career management isn't something most of us think about unless we have to. That is, there's a crisis or we're miserable. As much as I would love to see more people proactively manage this stuff, I guess it's human nature to let it fall to the back burner. So, getting information when [...]

Summary Sunday: Get Ready For Your Job Search

Preparing for job search requires some planning and making sure you are up-to-date with today's trends. Learn about interviewing blunders to avoid, where to go to look for new job, and more! These are five posts I shared this week and received attention, so I'm highlighting them here! I hope you'll take a minute or [...]

Summary Sunday: Fix These Wrong Assumptions

Could you be making the wrong assumptions? These five posts support the idea that everything we believe may not be correct. Please, allow me to challenge your assumptions about job search, careers, social networking and new graduate job search! Not only did these posts catch my attention, they were popular with my network this week as well! [...]

Popular Career Choices for Today’s Kids

Who remembers playing this game which has been around since 1960? The Game of Life involved cars, careers, money and marriage. I can only remember moving my car around the board and adding the little pink and blue pegs when children were awarded! In the Spring of 2014, Hasbro surveyed 400 8-12 year old kids (administered via parents) from the [...]