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Summary Sunday: Learn New Ways To Job Search

learn new ways to job search

Isn't it time you tried out new ways to job search? Every single one of you reading this is familiar with the basics of searching job boards. Here's the problem, because it is such a popular method, fairly easy to use and free, it's cluttered, clogged and...quite frankly, a broken process right now. This is why I [...]

freshen up your job search and career management skills

Isn't it time you refreshed your job search and career management skills? These social media, networking and career building best practices will serve you well moving your career forward. In this collection of popular content this week, you'll find help for many of your job search and career related stumbling blocks! What To Say At Networking [...]

Retirement Isn’t What It Used To Be

When the Social Security program was initiated in the US in 1935, the logic was to remove older workers from the workforce and make way for younger workers. But you won't want to retire! So it's time you evaluate your definition of retirement.  In 1935, the average life expectancy was 61 years old. Far fewer people made [...]

Summary Sunday: Modernize Your Career and Job Search

If you plan to look for a new job anytime soon, you will want to modernize your career and job search techniques! Online visibility happens to be too important to ignore. Here are five  popular posts you don't want to miss. There are some common problems we all try to tackle throughout our career. How can we [...]

Summary Sunday: Empower Yourself

This weekly collection of posts centers around how you can empower yourself. No matter what career and/or life stage you are in, it is up to you to take control. You'll find advice on networking, interviewing, as well as some new ideas to help boost your skills and knowledge. It's too easy to complain about [...]

Summary Sunday: Storify RoundUp

These were the most popular posts I shared via Twitter this past week and curated through Storify! Storify enables you to collect almost anything on the web and insert it into your own publication. (Great branding) I wrote about using Storify (Build Your Brand By Sharing Content), but hadn't taken full advantage of it myself. So consider this [...]