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Summary Sunday: Get A Grip On Your Career

Landing a job isn't the end of your job search. The new reality requires you constantly grow and learn- and network! You're going to want to get a grip on your career and how you manage it! These 5 posts should help!

Summary Sunday: Are You Job Search Ready?

The bar has been raised when it comes to job search. No longer will polishing your resume guarantee you the results you want. Instead, it's going to take planning and a clear focus in order to run a successful job search. Here's help to get you prepared!  If you are an active job seeker or [...]

Here Are the 5 Traits Your New Boss Really Wants To See

During your first 90 days on the job, will you live up to your new manager's expectations – both spoken and unspoken? Unfortunately, most managers won't tell you that they are evaluating these five traits, so let me help you read between the lines.  During the interview process, your future manager was sizing you up, not just to [...]

Twitter is an easy way to keep up with current news about job search, careers, and almost any other topic you can imagine. But sometimes it is hard to know who to follow. I've got you covered!  This list contains experts who know what they are talking about. They are real practitioners- coaches, recruiters, HR professionals and [...]

Summary Sunday: Job Search and Career Skill Development

Managing your career and search requires a new set of skills and a different way of looking at things. Each week I share articles about today's modern job search and career management trends. Stay up to date this week with these top performing fast, fun, fresh articles! How To Be Mentally Tough In The Job Search by [...]

It isn't enough to be the best at what you do. People have to know about you and like you! This round-up of posts from the past week should help you improve some skills or at least help you identify skills you want to improve. How to Be Exceptionally Likable: 11 Things the Most Charming [...]