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7 Ways To Earn Your Promotion

What is the real secret to getting promoted? As you know, there are a limited number of slots. So how does your boss decide who gets promoted? Have you noticed any pattern or trends within your organization around who is picked and what skills and traits got them there? Perhaps it looks like promotions are a [...]

3 Ways To Invest In Your Future

Investing in your future doesn't take a lot of money, technical savvy or time, but you do need to know where to start. There are three important things you'll want to do to manage your reputation whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned professional. Your career security isn't about luck, it is about [...]

80 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts 2014

I culled and mulled this list because I wanted it to be genuinely valuable to you and not a popularity contest. (Some of that will always exist, I suppose, given the nature of social media!) Creating this list, like last year, was difficult. There are so many people and resources I turn to for great content [...]

Motivation Monday: Prime the Pump

You are likely familiar with this idiom, prime the pump. So what does this have to do with your career? It's means give to get. It means build it before you need it. It the broadest terms, it means "to encourage the growth or action of something." That something is your network. All too often people [...]

Career Development Carnival: December 2013

What was your most popular post from 2013? This is the theme for this month's Career Development Carnival. December is often a time of reflection and goal setting for the new year, and with that in mind, Lynn Dessert and I hope that these 22 "Best Of" posts help you do both! We have quite [...]

Summary Sunday: Data Makes Life Easier

Sunday's are my round-up day. I re-share the articles that created a buzz or were just plain-old interesting! Did you miss any of these? What Are the Top 10 Words NOT to Use on Your LinkedIn Profile from Undercover Recruiter 5 Ways to Advance Your Job Search During the Holidays from Job-Hunt.org This Is How You [...]