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Career Lessons Taken From 2013 Headlines

Career lessons are everywhere, even in the headlines! As I looked at some of the hot "news" stories from last year, I found some trends and topics worth sharing. What stories do you think these lessons come from? Liars Never Win In the Long Run Careful What You Put Out There Using A Name Improves [...]

Plan Your Career On Purpose with Career Mapping

January is the perfect time of year to assess where you want to go and where you've been. If you have been saying to yourself, I want more, I want to be happier or I'm in a dead-end job, then you are not alone! There are tons of books to help you with your career [...]

Motivation Monday: Go Get ‘Em

What is driving you this year? What do you want to complete? What dreams do you have? OK, these are too many questions too early. But stop for a second and reflect on just one of these questions. Now, follow these steps. (If you are a job seeker, what 3 things can you start doing [...]

Summary Sunday: Fixes for the New Year

The internet is blazing with posts about how to make and keep resolutions for the new year. For so many reasons, these New Year resolutions fail. Here's my proposition- Let's not make resolutions. Let's take action! This is a summary of the best posts on reputation management, personal branding and online visibility I've shared in [...]

My Three Words for 2014

Three words can drive momentum, maintain focus and prioritize your efforts! Will you take the Three Word challenge? I can't take credit for this exercise- full credit goes to Chris Brogan. (I really hope you check out his post with his three words for 2013 PLUS his words from previous years!) And I bet tomorrow [...]

Motivation Monday: Prime the Pump

You are likely familiar with this idiom, prime the pump. So what does this have to do with your career? It's means give to get. It means build it before you need it. It the broadest terms, it means "to encourage the growth or action of something." That something is your network. All too often people [...]