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hannah morgan

Learn how to up your job search by answering tough interview questions, highlighting the important skills employers are looking for, writing a new kind of cover letter and as a bonus, what the earning potential is for different college degrees.

Flexible Work: What You Need To Know

80% of companies offer flexible work arrangements but only 44% publicize them. So what's the secret to finding legitimate telecommuting jobs, freelancing opportunities, part-time or flexible work? This is what you need to know about flexible work.

Leadership Is More Than A Skill

Leadership is actually a complex and interconnected set of skills and attributes. So why is everyone dumbing it down?

Staying current with new technology and industry trends isn't enough. Job search is different too. Let go of any assumptions you have about work and how you will find your next job, wherever you may be on your career path. These posts should help!

Summary Sunday: Communicating Your Value

5 articles about money, maximizing your personal brand and social media to help improve how you communicate your value

If you are tired of the same old routine of searching for jobs, applying and then not hearing anything back, you need to try some new social media tricks