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hannah morgan

control job search and career

There is nothing worse than finding yourself out of a job or stuck in a job you hate. Isn't it time to take control of your job search and career? This weekly roundup of popular posts features posts to help you learn how to take control of your career and job search. Passively applying to jobs [...]

Employers Are Checking You Out Online

How and where employers look for new employees has changed. Employers are checking you out online. You can control what they find, if you understand how they are using the information.  Social recruiting is the act of sourcing and researching candidates through social media and online profiles. Using job boards and resume databases is costly [...]

Summary Sunday: Master Your Job Search

Job search will take more time, more effort and more skill than ever before. Are you ready for this marathon? And are your job search skills up-to-date? In this week's summary, I've highlighted job search articles to help you master your job search. Get ready to master your job search Behind-The-Scenes For Three Competitive Job [...]

How Much Should You Be Earning?

Everyone wants to make more money. But do you really know how much you should be earning?  Do you think changing jobs will net you a pay increase? Maybe, maybe not. Before you begin applying for any jobs, you will want to understand some things about today's hiring process and pitfalls that may limit your earning [...]

How Will You Find A Way Out?

I've been there too. In fact, I vividly recall hating my job so much that I began plotting ways I could get fired. This lasted months. Until one day I got a call from a friend who had left the same company months before. He wanted to talk with me about an opportunity with his [...]

Before You Apply, Spend More Time Doing This

Finding a suitable job posted online is tough. Getting called for a interview is even tougher. Before you apply, spend more time doing this to beat the odds and get the attention you deserve! So you sift through the daily job ads, searching for signs that you should apply. When you finally find a job, [...]