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hannah morgan

Always Customize Your LinkedIn Invitation to Connect

You've heard you should always customize your LinkedIn invitation to connect, but I bet you didn't know this secret.  In the early days of LinkedIn, before mobile, it wasn't hard to figure out how to customize your invitation to connect with someone. But times have changed and even I have accidentally sent an invitation without [...]

The College Student’s Back-to-school Checklist

As millions of students head off to college this month, it seems appropriate to create a checklist of things every college student should know and that parents may not have mentioned. This list isn’t a check list of dorm items or hacks for managing college life. It is a practical guide with four important points [...]

Don’t Run With the Pack: Use An Infographic Resume

If you are like 71 percent of the US population, you're looking for a new job. Instead of doing the same-old, same-old, lift some ideas from today's hot marketing trends and stand out! Job search is all about self-promotion, marketing and sales. Yuck! But before you reject the idea, take a look at some of [...]

New Source of Hire Results from 2013

What does source of hire mean? It means, how are companies filling open jobs? In other words, where do companies look and post to find candidates? That's what CareerXroads asked companies for the 13th year. I share this information with you so that you can look at the data and use it to adjust what you are [...]

Summary Sunday: Advance Your Career

How do you get ahead in the workplace? You probably want a promotion or raise, who doesn't. But it is not as easy as doing good work. You have to get noticed and be uber-appreciated. So what can you do to make this happen? If you are one of those people who doesn't like the lime-light [...]

5 Ways To Expand Your Network

You've been told you need to expand your network. But that seems easier said than done. And then there's this problem... what will you say to someone you want to meet without sounding like you're looking for a job? The truth is, you aren't looking for a job. You're seeking information. And let's agree to [...]