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hannah morgan

Finding and landing a job isn't easy for you as a new college graduate. You invested a lot of money and incurred a bunch of debt to make yourself look employable, so why can't you land a job? Have you done all these 9 things? What you really need is on-the-job experience. But how do you land [...]

Summary Sunday: Get Your Job Search and Career Unstuck

Is your job search or career stuck in a rut? Here's some help getting unstuck! Improve your job search, how you apply for jobs, your mental outlook, and more! Every week I share the best performing content from social media (or my favorites, whichever is better for you!) These are the top 5 posts from [...]

What’s New In Job Search News: #jobsearchtrends

Abby Kohut is in Rochester on her tour to help one million job seekers! This is the perfect opportunity for us to catch up and talk about what's hot and what's not in job search! We're going to hang out live and you can participate here! If you've never watched or participated in a Hangout, [...]

Summary Sunday: Learn, Talk and Hunt Better

I love pulling articles for Summary Sunday. This week, you'll see a collection of the best tweets and social shares about learning, talking and overall, improving your hunt for the next job! Here is fun, fresh and fast information I'm dishing out this week!  Freshen up those skills with some of these courses! The 37 Best Websites To [...]

Become A Go-To Resource aka Job Magnet

  Because you will always be searching for your next job, you want to be a job magnet rather than a job chaser. People who are job magnets are known for their expertise, knowledge, skills and/or ability to connect to relevant resources. Are you any of these? You may have expertise, but only people who have [...]

Summary Sunday: Tech-Free Vacation

I've been off the grid (tech-free) for 10 days. Well, almost. A couple of Facebook posts, but other than that, no email, no blog posts, no sharing on Twitter. And can I say, I feel great! Some people say they can't do it- they are in fear of losing their jobs or their boss won't [...]