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hannah morgan

Summary Sunday: Prepare for a Better Job Search

Don't job search like it's 1999. Successful job seekers are launching their campaigns by carefully analyzing the job landscape and using pages from marketing playbooks. Sound difficult? It is.  Applying to posted jobs won't cut it. Get help by reading this collection of articles and if you like them, read more articles on that website. [...]

10 Things Motivated Employees Do

Motivated employees don't let bureaucracy get in the way. They don't cast blame. And they don't wait for someone to grant them permission! Be that employee! Have you found there's a mismatch between what you expect and what your employer or manager can actually deliver? Don't let this hamper your career development or job satisfaction. Motivated [...]

Summary Sunday: Don’t Wait for A Career Crisis

Job search and career management isn't something most of us think about unless we have to. That is, there's a crisis or we're miserable. As much as I would love to see more people proactively manage this stuff, I guess it's human nature to let it fall to the back burner. So, getting information when [...]

Fix Your LinkedIn Headline Today

Your LinkedIn headline is one of the most important parts of your profile, yet, you've left it up to LinkedIn to put this in place. Today, go update your headline. When people search LinkedIn, the search results show this information: photo, name, headline, city, and industry. This means it is up to you to make [...]

Would You Provide Your W-2

Companies are asking candidates for W-2s. What would you do? Does a future employer have the "right" to ask to see yours? Sure, of course they can ask, but the real question is should you provide it. Let's say you've gone through your first round of interviews (you know, 3 to 5 conversations with HR, [...]

5 Ways To Customize The Dreaded Cover Letter

Raise your hand if you love writing cover letters...  I didn't think so. If you find yourself struggling with what to write, you are not alone. In fact, one career coach, Hanna DeBruhl, refers to a cover letter as "the wicked stepmother of resumes" and I couldn't agree more! I've heard job seekers say these things [...]