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hannah morgan

Forget Your Resume and Invest In This Instead

Your resume alone may not be enough to land your next job. There is mounting proof that having a personal website is a powerful way to differentiate yourself and even attract potential employers. 67% of the human resources professionals surveyed for a recent Domain.ME study said a personal website provides more insight into a candidate [...]

Summary Sunday: Empower Yourself

This weekly collection of posts centers around how you can empower yourself. No matter what career and/or life stage you are in, it is up to you to take control. You'll find advice on networking, interviewing, as well as some new ideas to help boost your skills and knowledge. It's too easy to complain about [...]

Your Reputation Is Too Important To Dismiss

Whether you prefer to call it your personal brand or personal reputation, just be sure you pay attention to it! I chatted with Katrina Collier @winningimpress and Ryan Rhoten @RyanRhoten on blab.im today and they shared valuable information that EVERYONE needs to hear! This 30 minute conversation was guided by three questions: Job seekers need [...]

10 Things Employers Love To See

Applying for a new job? Here are 10 things to showcase in your resume, cover letter, social media updates, and interview. Strategically highlight your strengths, and the right employer could find you irresistible! In the old days, the only way you could show off your work was to carry a portfolio into the interview. Today, [...]

Summary Sunday: Get Tech Savvy

In order to get ahead in job search and your career today, you MUST be tech savvy. This week's roundup includes posts about LinkedIn ads, personal SEO strategies, designing your branded.me page and more! What will you do to ensure that you have all the right stuff for the types of roles you are looking [...]

Summary Sunday: Storify RoundUp

These were the most popular posts I shared via Twitter this past week and curated through Storify! Storify enables you to collect almost anything on the web and insert it into your own publication. (Great branding) I wrote about using Storify (Build Your Brand By Sharing Content), but hadn't taken full advantage of it myself. So consider this [...]