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hannah morgan

Fix It Friday: No One Said It Would Be Easy

Fix it Friday is about helping job seekers overcome their job search woes. Possibly the biggest change you need to know about is how the job search is conducted. Rather than scouring job boards for openings, ambitious job seekers take a pro-active approach by identifying companies they would like to work for. This target list of companies [...]

Top 10 Most Popular Posts from 2014

Though the calendar year is winding down, that doesn't mean you should be winding down your job search! Or perhaps you plan to embark on a new search in 2015. This is a list of the most popular posts on Careersherpa.net from 2014. Notice the theme...social media or social networking, whatever you choose to call it [...]

Summary Sunday: December Job Search

Whatever you do, don't ignore your job search this month. December is one of the best month's for building relationships and getting the news out about your search. It is also time for your to think about your goals and priorities for 2015. December is a social smorgasbord of events! Think about the holiday events you are invited [...]

So You Want to Work for A Great Employer

One question that pops up again and again is, 'how can I find a good company to work for?' Let me ask you this. How would you define a "good" company? The answer is as individual as you. But based on analysis of Glassdoor's 5-star employers, HR technology reviewer Software Advice, compiled some interesting data (and supplied [...]

Summary Sunday: What You Need to Know

It may not be your top priority to keep up with job search trends, but it IS mine. Changes in job search can impact your success (or failure) in finding a new job quickly. These are 5 things you must know!  This week's round up of posts comes from my most popular tweets. And I'm [...]

Summary Sunday: Ask Questions

Ask Questions

Who is afraid to ask questions? Many of us, I fear. But questions don't make us look dumb. Questions are engaging, build rapport and get the brain moving. We are not robots. We are humans, let's start acting like it and ask more questions- of ourselves and others. Ask questions that are reflective. Ask questions that [...]