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hannah morgan

If you are tired of the same old routine of searching for jobs, applying and then not hearing anything back, you need to try some new social media tricks

Infographics are one way to make digesting information fun and fast! Here are some of the top performing articles this week and surprise, many contain infographics

How Employers Fill Jobs: Top Sources of Hire 2016

You may not really care how an employer fills a job. You just want a simple, fast, efficient way to submit your qualifications for an open job. But what if you could beat the odds by searching for a job differently? You can. Let's look at the data provided by thousands of employers to see [...]

Don't let requests from a future employer surprise you. Here's help to prepare for five things employers frequently request.

Learn How To Tell Your Career Story

It isn't enough to have a slick resume. You must be able to tell you career story in meaningful terms. But, this isn't easy.  We've been hardwired to believe that a resume is THE tool to use to get a job. But, every study out there today points to employee referrals as the best source [...]

Don't just set it and forget it or upload your resume and wait! Now is the time to make your LinkedIn profile eye-catching! Odds are, that you're LinkedIn profile will be looked at. 87% of hiring pros look at your LinkedIn profile at some point during the screening/hiring process according to Jobvite's most recent study. Your LinkedIn profile [...]