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hannah morgan

7 Things You Must Know About Getting Referred for a Job

Getting referred to a job

There is one thing you can do that increases your chances of being hired: getting an employee referral. Referred candidates are more likely to get hired, perform better and last longer in jobs. This is why companies, large and small, are investing in referral programs. It makes good business sense for them and for you. [...]

Summary Sunday: Do Your Job Search The Right Way

job search the right way

  Job search has changed a lot over the years. If you haven't done it in awhile or are having problems securing and interview, you need to update your strategies. This is why I created Summary Sunday and share my most popular tweeted posts here every Sunday! Get the information you need to compete in [...]

Summary Sunday: Drive Your Career and Job Search

drive your career and job search @careersherpa

Are you driving your career and job search? It takes time and effort to manage your professional life. Don't just watch it zoom by, take the wheel! Here's help! Every week I share hundreds of articles on job search, career advancement and social media trends. And on Sunday's I collect the most popular ones to highlight [...]

freshen up your job search and career management skills

Isn't it time you refreshed your job search and career management skills? These social media, networking and career building best practices will serve you well moving your career forward. In this collection of popular content this week, you'll find help for many of your job search and career related stumbling blocks! What To Say At Networking [...]

7 Tactics that Trump Searching the Job Boards

You already know how to search the job boards, but what else are you doing to land a job? The most productive and effective job search happens when you cover all the bases. Companies track how and where new hires come from, often referred to as sources of hire. Based on studies that assess the [...]

Summary Sunday: Interview Better

It seems that any post written about how to interview better is doing well on my social media streams. I guess that's a good thing. Assuming you actually have an interview in the wings. Otherwise, interviewing can only be obtained if you have been proactively job seeking. By that I mean identifying target companies, networking, [...]