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hannah morgan

Nurture Your Network With These 11 Ideas

nurture your network

Staying in contact with the people often falls to the bottom of  everyone's to-do lists. But, with a bit of planning and dash of creativity, you can nurture your network. If you're like me, you probably have a drawer full of business cards, hundreds of LinkedIn connections and email addresses.  Any one of those contacts could hold [...]

10 Inspiring Infographic Resumes

Here are ten examples of infographic resumes to inspire and get your creative juices flowing! It's tempting, but don't use an infographic resume to apply for a job....yet.  Instead, post it in your LinkedIn profile, share it on Facebook, and use it during an informational meeting. Better yet, find a creative way to deliver it into the hands of [...]

Searching for a job is becoming more of a social activity. Submitting your resume on a job board is one way to look, but often you fall into the big black hole. Don't you want better results? Social job search is about using social media to garner attention and build new relationships. This round up of [...]

You want to be successful in your job, right? What is the secret that 90% of top performers know? The secret is... Decades of research now point to emotional intelligence as being the critical factor that sets star performers apart from the rest of the pack. The connection is so strong that 90% of top [...]

Summary Sunday: LinkedIn Wisdom

Do you feel like LinkedIn isn't really working for you? Maybe you need to do more. Learn how to update your headshot, find and reach out to recruiters, publish a post and incorporate visuals.   These are posts I shared this week that got some traction so I wanted to highlight them here so you don't miss them. [...]

Why Send A Resume When You Can Do This Instead

If you are submitting resume after resume into an ATS, you're never going to stand out. Trying something new can be risky...or it can get you 15 minutes of fame like Elski Felson did. You don't know Elski? Just google "Snapchat resume" and see what happens. Is this what you see? It has 997,000 results on Google [...]