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hannah morgan

5 Ways To Expand Your Network

You've been told you need to expand your network. But that seems easier said than done. And then there's this problem... what will you say to someone you want to meet without sounding like you're looking for a job? The truth is, you aren't looking for a job. You're seeking information. And let's agree to [...]

How To Use Social Networks to…Network

Maybe it's time you tried changing your approach to networking and get more out of social networks. You may have noticed more companies becoming active on social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Social networks are multifaceted tools being used to create awareness, promote and build relationships! Social networks may not be the only solution to [...]

Summary Sunday: 23 Job Search Tips To Turn It Around

I'm rounding up some of my favorite job search advice to help you with your search. Hearing other voices and ideas sometimes gets the point across better, right? Here are three posts that touch upon important topics: long-term unemployment, revitalizing your job search and how to find companies you may want to work for! Share [...]

Everyone Needs a Father Figure

It's Father's Day and I am preaching about the importance of having a father figure in your life. We all need one- an male influence who shares different perspectives on life's experiences and makes us see and think about things differently. Someone who is older and wiser. A man who makes us toe the line, [...]

10 LinkedIn Status Updates For Job Seekers

You built an awesome LinkedIn profile, but no one is contacting you. The secret is in sharing status updates that appeal to your network and potential employers. What kind of status updates should a job seeker post on LinkedIn?

7 Ways To Earn Your Promotion

What is the real secret to getting promoted? As you know, there are a limited number of slots. So how does your boss decide who gets promoted? Have you noticed any pattern or trends within your organization around who is picked and what skills and traits got them there? Perhaps it looks like promotions are a [...]