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hannah morgan

Employers have raised the bar on what they expect from new employees. You've seen those job postings requiring everything but the kitchen sink. So how can employers get away with this? Because they can, that's why.  Perhaps it has something to do with the increasing number of college graduates (many, not all, have learned about [...]

Job Search Requires Wearing New Hats

Throughout your job search you'll have to wear new hats- some may not feel very comfortable.  Companies are looking for candidates differently than they used to and in order to get found and stand out, you will need to learn new skills and take on many different roles. Long ago, when looking for a job, all you needed to [...]

Job search has changed a bit over the last few years. Keep up to date with trends in social media and information to help advance your career. Social job search means using social media during your job search. And yes, you can search without being on social media, but I don't recommend it. So if you [...]

Have you been searching for a job, but your phone just isn't ringing? Chances are, you aren't doing enough of the most effective job search activities. Yes, some job search activities get better results than others. It's time you invest more time and energy in the activities that get you the best results. WARNING: you will have to work [...]

Summary Sunday: The Job Search News You Need

The articles featured here contain the job search news you need to know about! You'll find helpful information to improve how you conduct your job search, brand yourself, perform in interviews and more! Get tips on how to master LinkedIn, news about what Microsoft's pending purchase of LinkedIn will mean, what you need to know before you [...]

Here are 9 things that really matter to HR in the recruiting process. Use this to improve your odds of landing a new job.