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Reputation Management

5 Tips To Get Noticed Online

Recruiters are turning to the Internet to look for talent with exactly the right set of skills. This means that in order you'll need to proactively manage what you put online in order to show up on a recruiter's radar, . You already know your LinkedIn profile is important, but that's not the only place [...]

Become A Go-To Resource aka Job Magnet

Become a job magnet

Because you will always be searching for your next job, you want to be a job magnet rather than a job chaser. People who are job magnets are known for their expertise, knowledge, skills and/or ability to connect to relevant resources. Are you any of these? You may have expertise, but only people who have seen [...]

3 Tools to Quickly Build Your Brand and Online Visibility

These three tools easily convert your LinkedIn profile into a visual, sharable online portfolio. Great for your personal brand and online visibility! According to Jobvite, 93% of recruiters will review a candidate’s social profile before making a hiring decision. Isn't it important that they find the best stuff possible? Quickly creating an online portfolio or page summarizing your [...]

6 Things You Should Never Mention On Social Media

Your personal status updates may be impacting your ability to land your next job. Employers will search for you online at some point during the screening and hiring process. What you think may be hidden behind a curtain of privacy probably isn't. 93% of recruiters will review a candidate’s social profile before making a hiring decision.  - Jobvite's [...]

Secrets To Managing Your Online Visibility

If you want to get started managing your online visibility, hopefully for the long-haul, not just while you're eager to find a new job, here's why listening and learning will transform you into a leader! Back in 2008 I was asked to speak to a group of executive MBAs about networking. As flattered as I was, I was also [...]

3 Ways To Invest In Your Future

Investing in your future doesn't take a lot of money, technical savvy or time, but you do need to know where to start. There are three important things you'll want to do to manage your reputation whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned professional. Your career security isn't about luck, it is about [...]