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Summary Sunday: How Tos For Your Career

What did we do before Google? How did we get answers to questions? We looked them up in dictionaries, maps, encyclopedias and other publications. In this weekly roundup of top articles, I make it easier for you to find How Tos for your career and job search! Throughout your career, you'll have questions. Get the answers to current [...]

Summary Sunday: Job Search Advice and Trends

What's new and important in the world of job search? If you haven't had the time to monitor the latest job search advice and trends scene, here are some articles to help you sharpen the saw and revamp your strategy.  I Thought My Career Was Over Until I Did These 5 Things by John White | [...]

Summary Sunday: Using Social Media For Job Search

Social media isn't a white knight for your job search but these tools aren't the enemy either.

Summary Sunday: Communicating Your Value

5 articles about money, maximizing your personal brand and social media to help improve how you communicate your value

If you are tired of the same old routine of searching for jobs, applying and then not hearing anything back, you need to try some new social media tricks

Summary Sunday: Spring Your Job Search Forward

Don't forget, turn those clocks forward! Next, use these posts to catapult your job search and career forward! Keep up to date with the newest hiring trends to minimize the length of your job search! This week's collection of job search articles includes help address gaps in your work history, how to use Twitter, some [...]