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Summary Sunday: Get Found Online

My weekly round up shows you how to get found online! It includes posts about using social media to find a job, new LinkedIn features, and examples of alternative Twitter handles you can use if your name is taken. But the best post is the first one- it's an auto-response an employer sends when an application [...]

Summary Sunday: Fix These Wrong Assumptions

Could you be making the wrong assumptions? These five posts support the idea that everything we believe may not be correct. Please, allow me to challenge your assumptions about job search, careers, social networking and new graduate job search! Not only did these posts catch my attention, they were popular with my network this week as well! [...]

Do you want to launch a smarter modern job search? If you plan to embark on one soon or are frustrated by your results so far, this is for you! My goal in sharing or resharing these posts is to help you if you are struggling with job search. Looking for a job today is going to take more than [...]

Summary Sunday: Get Noticed. Get Results. Be Successful

These six posts feature tips and advice for the biggest challenges job seekers and careerists face- how to get noticed, get results and be successful.  Every week I share hundreds of articles to help job seeker and careerists be more successful. The ones listed below are top performers and worthy of highlighting again- all in [...]

Four Social Media Sites You Need To Get Found Faster

Are you wondering if you should become more active on social media during your job search? Wonder no more!  Over 90 percent of employers are using social media to source and evaluate their next new hires. Will you get found? I sat down with Brian Keenan of Purple Briefcase to talk about which social networks [...]

Summary Sunday: LinkedIn and Twitter Advice

I love sharing articles on job search and career trends! On Sunday's, I highlight my favorite's from the week. This week, I'm including two articles about social media. I know there are a lot of mixed feelings and opinions about these tools, but, hopefully, you'll get some of your questions answered here.  By Stacy Donovan [...]