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5 Tips To Get Noticed Online

Recruiters are turning to the Internet to look for talent with exactly the right set of skills. This means that in order you'll need to proactively manage what you put online in order to show up on a recruiter's radar, . You already know your LinkedIn profile is important, but that's not the only place [...]

7 Tactics that Trump Searching the Job Boards

You already know how to search the job boards, but what else are you doing to land a job? The most productive and effective job search happens when you cover all the bases. Companies track how and where new hires come from, often referred to as sources of hire. Based on studies that assess the [...]

Summary Sunday: Social, Negotiating and Branding Skills

Social media, negotiating and personal branding are skills everyone needs today! Check out these posts for help!

95 People to Follow On Twitter 2013

Here it is! My list of 95 99 folks I greatly admire and hope you will follow in 2013. These are people who are active on Twitter almost every day and provide career advice and job search information. Many have their own sites and/or write for other outlets. You will find good quality content in [...]

Summary Sunday: Think Like An Employer

My weekly collection of posts today focuses on helping new job seekers to understand how jobs are filled and what employers are really looking for and thinking! It is so easy to blame companies for not selecting you, but if you realize what they are doing, then there are probably ways you can improve your [...]

More and more people are securing new jobs!  That's the good news.  Many of these past job seekers, sadly not all, learned how important having a solid network was.  Most of them had to build their network from scratch.  So what happens when you don't have 40 hours to network?  How will you continue to [...]