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How To Build a Better Bio

Constructing a bio that’s not over the top but isn’t ho-hum either is a dilemma for many job seekers and solopreneurs. The thing is, you don’t want to sound like a braggart, and yet you don’t want people to under-estimate your qualifications or credibility either. Writing a bio is both and art and a science- hopefully these suggestions [...]

Career Development Carnival: February 2014

February's Career Development Carnival is filled with tips and advice to help you master your career this year! But if job search is part of the plan, you will find helpful resources in here too! Please feel free to share any or all of these articles with people who may benefit! Next month's carnival will [...]

Summary Sunday: Fixes for the New Year

The internet is blazing with posts about how to make and keep resolutions for the new year. For so many reasons, these New Year resolutions fail. Here's my proposition- Let's not make resolutions. Let's take action! This is a summary of the best posts on reputation management, personal branding and online visibility I've shared in [...]

My Name Is Common- What You Can Do To Fix It

Do you have a common name and struggle with how you can stand out from the others who share your name? It seems that every high school track star's name is Hannah Morgan. There's also an actress and an active environmentalist who I secretly battle with to own page one ranking in search engine results. [...]

Career Development Carnival: August 2013

Sometimes we could all use a little help with our career. Whether you have that itch to move on or are actively pursuing your next great gig, these 20 posts offer sound advice. By the way, I loved compiling this collection of super posts for the Career Development Carnival. It was so much fun to [...]

Summary Sunday: Make Your Job Search More Social

Welcome to my round up of informative career and job search posts from around the web! On Sunday's I share some of the posts I've found that strike a chord or hit a nerve. I hope you enjoy them! (Now, if only I could get paid to read all these great articles I share!) Social [...]