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personal branding

Summary Sunday: Personal Branding and Leadership

This week I shared many articles about personal branding and leadership. Naturally, I shared information about using LinkedIn too, so you'll find an article about how to connect with recruiters, because it is such an important resource for active and passive job seekers. I tweet these types of posts daily so if you are interested, you [...]

Summary Sunday: Self-Promotion Is Difficult

Self-promotion is difficult, but these articles should help!

Summary Sunday: Personal Branding Round Up

Personal branding is about making sure people remember the right things about you. It has always been debated whether this term really fit or "works". Never-the-less, it is an important concept to consider. You have a reputation-  it is what people think about you. Capturing that reputation in words and images then sharing it can be [...]

Don’t Run With the Pack: Use An Infographic Resume

If you are like 71 percent of the US population, you're looking for a new job. Instead of doing the same-old, same-old, lift some ideas from today's hot marketing trends and stand out! Job search is all about self-promotion, marketing and sales. Yuck! But before you reject the idea, take a look at some of [...]

Career Development Carnival: April 2014

  This month's contributions for Career Development Carnival will help provide you with tips and ideas for managing your career, provide tips and resources for job search, and get you thinking about how you can better express your personal brand. Lynn Dessert and I collect contributions from talented career professionals, resume writers, HR professionals and [...]

How To Build a Better Bio

Constructing a bio that’s not over the top but isn’t ho-hum either is a dilemma for many job seekers and solopreneurs. The thing is, you don’t want to sound like a braggart, and yet you don’t want people to under-estimate your qualifications or credibility either. Writing a bio is both and art and a science- hopefully these suggestions [...]