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Summary Sunday: Job Search Tips For New Job Seekers

Launching a job search requires you do lots of new things or try doing things differently like networking, interviewing and stalking (identifying people inside companies). Welcome to today's job search!  You're going to need some help to do things differently, so here are some tips! Every week I share articles that address the aspects of [...]

Summary Sunday: Modern Job Search Strategies

You've heard it said before... job search isn't the same today as it was last time you looked. Here's what you need to know! I've rounded up articles from this week that will up your job search skills and help you compete like a modern-day job seeker or better yet, position yourself as the best [...]

Summary Sunday: Job Search Smarter

Not getting the results you want from your job search activities? Then it is time to update your job search strategy and job search smarter! And don't let a sudden job search emergency catch you off-guard.  My Summary Sunday rounds ups are for new job seekers and for people who are employed and want to [...]

Summary Sunday: Job Search and Career Skill Development

Managing your career and search requires a new set of skills and a different way of looking at things. Each week I share articles about today's modern job search and career management trends. Stay up to date this week with these top performing fast, fun, fresh articles! How To Be Mentally Tough In The Job Search by [...]

Summary Sunday: A New Year and New Job Search Ideas

Congratulations, you did it! You've starting trolling the job boards in search of something better.  You and hundreds of thousands of people made Wednesday, January 6th the busiest day for job search!  "For the past three years, the first Wednesday after New Year's Day has been the highest job-search day on Monster.com, a jobs site [...]

Summary Sunday: A New Kind of Job Search

A new kind of job search

As you know, finding a new job today requires a new set of skills and a new approach. That's why I round up these popular posts every week! You'll learn from all sorts of experts I follow on Twitter. (You can follow this list of them all here). Hope you enjoy this week's collection of [...]