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Summary Sunday: Interview Help and Online Visibility

Summary Sunday- Interview Help and Online Visibility @careersherpa

This week's roundup focuses on interview help and also includes help to create greater online visibility for you. Twitter is a super tool for job seekers and so is having an online portfolio/personal website. You may think you're a natural interviewer but if you aren't getting offers, then think again. In a conversation with a [...]

Summary Sunday: 5 Tips To Help Your Job Search

In this week's  collection of posts, you'll find job search help on interviewing, pitch, LinkedIn and news about company culture. These new articles were curated based on their popularity with my network this week! I hope you find them helpful as well. 25 Tips to Be a LinkedIn Speed User by Donna Svei on LinkedIn Smart [...]

Summary Sunday: What It Takes To Score An Interview

  You can never get enough good advice about what it takes to land a job today- how to apply the right way to jobs, how to get an interview, how to write the RIGHT LinkedIn invite, interview prep help and maybe, just maybe, hanging your own shingle could be the answer! This is why I [...]

Summary Sunday: Beyond Basics Job Search Tips

You probably need help, beyond the basics, with your job search. That's why I am sharing these job search tips

Summary Sunday: Really Manage Your Career

Get serious about managing your career this year! Here are this week's popular articles about starting a new job, being likable, marketing yourself visually and more.

Summary Sunday: Ask Questions

Ask Questions

Who is afraid to ask questions? Many of us, I fear. But questions don't make us look dumb. Questions are engaging, build rapport and get the brain moving. We are not robots. We are humans, let's start acting like it and ask more questions- of ourselves and others. Ask questions that are reflective. Ask questions that [...]