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Summary Sunday: A New Year and New Job Search Ideas

Congratulations, you did it! You've starting trolling the job boards in search of something better.  You and hundreds of thousands of people made Wednesday, January 6th the busiest day for job search!  "For the past three years, the first Wednesday after New Year's Day has been the highest job-search day on Monster.com, a jobs site [...]

Summary Sunday: A New Kind of Job Search

A new kind of job search

As you know, finding a new job today requires a new set of skills and a new approach. That's why I round up these popular posts every week! You'll learn from all sorts of experts I follow on Twitter. (You can follow this list of them all here). Hope you enjoy this week's collection of [...]

Summary Sunday: Do Your Job Search The Right Way

job search the right way

  Job search has changed a lot over the years. If you haven't done it in awhile or are having problems securing and interview, you need to update your strategies. This is why I created Summary Sunday and share my most popular tweeted posts here every Sunday! Get the information you need to compete in [...]

Summary Sunday: Learn New Ways To Job Search

learn new ways to job search

Isn't it time you tried out new ways to job search? Every single one of you reading this is familiar with the basics of searching job boards. Here's the problem, because it is such a popular method, fairly easy to use and free, it's cluttered, clogged and...quite frankly, a broken process right now. This is why I [...]

Summary Sunday: Storify RoundUp

These were the most popular posts I shared via Twitter this past week and curated through Storify! Storify enables you to collect almost anything on the web and insert it into your own publication. (Great branding) I wrote about using Storify (Build Your Brand By Sharing Content), but hadn't taken full advantage of it myself. So consider this [...]

Summary Sunday: Look Smarter

Want to look smarter? Part of your job search and career strategy should be to look like the most desirable candidate- that means you want to look smarter than others. Or at least look like you know what is going on in your industry/occupation. This collection of posts should help you accomplish that! 4 Ways to Use [...]