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Communication Gone Bad (And Viral)

Have you ever sent an email in anger or frustration? Who hasn't, right? Well, you may want to nip that bad habit in the bud right now. Hopefully, the saga of a young job seeker's outreach to a senior exec will result in lessons learned by both newbies and seasoned pros. When Diana Mekota, a [...]

Are You Really Prepared for Job Search?

Lee Hecht Harrison, a talent mobility consulting firm, conducted an online survey of 645 U.S. job seekers which asked, “In preparing for your job search, what area is in need of most improvement?” What I think this points out is that the majority of people are not proactively managing their longer-term careers. This points out that [...]

Fix It Friday: Networking Efforts Not Working

On Friday's I share my answers to job seeker questions! Do you have a question? Submit it below! I just wanted to get an opinion, because so far my efforts at networking are not working well. I started with a list of a few people I was already connected to and several former co-workers I [...]

Interview Questions YOU Can Ask

Asking questions during the interview is incredibly important, yet most people have difficulty asking good, meaningful questions. In order for you to ask thoughtful questions, you must research the company as well as the people you will be interviewing to ensure you are really ready for your upcoming interview. Your research (conducted online and through [...]

A Movement to Help the Unemployed: #HireFriday

Margo Rose, HR Margo, @HRMargo, started the #HireFriday movement to help job seekers. You can find her full explanation here.   Because many won't click through, I've lifted the key points from her post below. HireFriday is a special place where we can shower job seekers around the world with attention, extol their virtues, bolster [...]

Share Your Secret

I have to wonder why so many people are unemployed.  Is it because they lack the skills to fill needed jobs as many employers are saying, or is it that they are hiding?  Or is it that they don't know how to talk and write about their skills?  Or is it because they don't know [...]