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Summary Sunday: Identify The Right Company Culture

Company culture is one of those mystical, hard-to-quantify, things that ultimately makes or breaks your job. What should you watch out for and more importantly, what questions should you ask to uncover the secret company culture? On Sunday, I round up some of my favorite posts from the week. These are posts I've shared on [...]

Questions That Shouldn’t Stump You During Job Search

There are usually several interview questions that catch a job seeker off-guard. Not that these questions are bizarre or out of the ordinary, but, these questions have to be answered with tact, diplomacy and suave. In every workshop I deliver, I ask which interview questions job seekers dislike most or want help answering, these win [...]

Interview Questions YOU Can Ask

Asking questions during the interview is incredibly important, yet most people have difficulty asking good, meaningful questions. In order for you to ask thoughtful questions, you must research the company as well as the people you will be interviewing to ensure you are really ready for your upcoming interview. Your research (conducted online and through [...]

What Questions Should I Ask During the Interview?

The interview has to be an exchange of information. The interviewer has a list of questions they ask to learn about you, but you also need to learn about them! What questions will you ask during the interview? Let me also say that many interviewers have had no formal training in interviewing and it is [...]

Good Things Are Happening

People are landing jobs!  This is certainly good news.  One reason might be that companies are deciding to open up their doors.  However, I fear there won't be enough jobs open to supply all the unemployed with employment opportunities. That is a challenge that I am not up to talking about this morning. (ERE.net posts [...]

Top 8 Excuses for Not Networking

Yesterday's post was a challenge to get out of your house and meet with people.  I know how much of a challenge that can be.  As I think back on all the excuses I've made (and heard) for not being able to network, I thought I should share so they can be debunked! Yes you [...]