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7 Tips to Help You Get a Better Email Signature

Your personal email signature is a huge opportunity to promote who you are and what you do! Don't ignore the influence of your email signature! Please, do me a favor for a minute and put on your marketing hat. Think about how you can create a memorable impression with hundreds of people you communicate with on [...]

Summary Sunday: Self-Promotion Is Difficult

Self-promotion is difficult, but these articles should help!

As a small business owner, even a business-of-one, you have heard about the benefits of blogging but you contend you are too busy to sit down and write, you insist that your writing skills aren't up to par, or you have no idea what to write about. Blogging seems like a daunting task. Never fear. [...]

Small Business Saturday: Figuring Out Google+

What the plus?! (Lifting from Guy Kawasaki's eBook title here.) But seriously, what is Google+ and why should you care? Because part of your long-term strategy is creating brand awareness (either your business, you, or both!) If you are thinking you don't need people to be aware of who you are or what you do [...]

95 People to Follow On Twitter 2013

Here it is! My list of 95 99 folks I greatly admire and hope you will follow in 2013. These are people who are active on Twitter almost every day and provide career advice and job search information. Many have their own sites and/or write for other outlets. You will find good quality content in [...]

Top 21 Social Media Resources for 2012

These are the top 21 resources I've chosen to visit again and again during 2012. Managing your career and job search requires you stay up-to-date with trends. This post is dedicated to everyone who believes they are a solopreneur and as such, you will want to stay current with information impacting your career! Marketing and [...]