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multiple income streams

From around the web, I curate and share articles relating to job search, career management, online reputation management and more!  Sunday I call out my personal favorites to share with my readers (in case you aren't on Twitter or may have missed some of these!) My hunch is, everyone could use more information about maximizing [...]

New Book Helps Make Your Business Ideas More Social

How will you market and promote your business now and in the future, even if your business is you? One answer I've heard is: “Social media, of course!” Or another answer is: “I'm going to continue to rely on my past customers and word-of-mouth.” Social media is not a magic wand solution. Word-of-mouth is great [...]

Create a Career Insurance Policy

What would happen if you lost your job tomorrow? Do you have at least six months of salary in your savings account (and this might not even be enough)? Putting money aside is a great idea, but most people don't feel they can afford to. If you lose your job, you'll need to do something [...]

Think Like a Free Agent

The instability of our current world requires me to rethink the conventional.  How about you? The fluctuation in the stock market, the steady downsizing of businesses, the hesitancy of businesses to add new employees.  Where is this all going to end up?  Darned if I know.  What I do know is that if  you continue [...]

Redefining Stability

What is a stable job in today's terms?  Does it exist?  Instead of lamenting the fact that there are not any stable jobs anymore, can we change our perspective and accept the fact that this doesn't occur very often.  If we continue to look at the way things used to be or "should be", it [...]

At What Point Do I Take “Any” Job?

This is a common question for those who are unemployed and there are other variations of it: When do I start looking for other jobs? How to I implement a Plan B (Plan C or Plan D)? Will it hurt my career to take any job? The answer to these questions is as individual as [...]