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Motivation Monday: How You Spend Your Time

Motivation Monday

It has been said you can’t manage time. It moves forward and this you can not control.  What you can control is HOW you spend your time! If I were to dispense just ONE piece of advice to job seekers it would be…


Alan Krueger Andreas Mueller paper

This week, please, try really, really hard to re-structure how you are spending your time.

Suggestions for Re-Structuring Your Search

Are you uncertain what activities you should be investing your time in? Read Structure Your Week and get ideas on how you can chunk one-hour increments of time on your calendar.

Literally, Get Out of Your House! You won’t find a job waiting for you in the closet. You have to meet people! This is a blow by blow example of how you can structure your time!

And as my friend, Tom Peters says “The Calendar Never Lies”. Tom’s video explains how your calendar is a reflection of what you have done!

Employed and ready to make a change

Perhaps you are employed. How do you make time to job search?  You will want to develop a plan and honestly, you will have to give up some of your free time to work on your search. I am sure this comes as no surprise. This post has ideas on how to build a strategy!

Even More Ideas

In this Monday Motivation post, you’ll get some more ideas for how to measure activities, resources for building a list of target companies and more!

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