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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Awesome?

20 point checklist for an awesome LinkedIn profile

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or, in more practical terms, your audience determines your message. To see if your LinkedIn profile has all the right stuff go through the list below.

20 point check list for an awesome LinkedIn profile @careersherpaCheck List

You can download this list here: 20 Point Check List for an Awesome LinkedIn Profile

1.       Headline
Your profile headline is the first thing someone sees after your name. Make it memorable. It should help someone understand the role you want to do next and/or contain key words important to your profession.

2.       Photo
Choose a professional, high quality headshot for your photograph. Having a picture is recommended.

3.       Email
List all your email addresses so they are associated with your LinkedIn profile. You can set the default email which will be viewable by your connections and the account that receives InMail and updates from LinkedIn.

4.       Vanity URL
Your LinkedIn profile has a URL (an Internet address). You can and should edit this by adding your name (www.linkedin.com/in/yourname). This also looks more professional when you include it on your resume, business card, or email signature.

5.       Other Web References
If you have a personal website, professional Twitter account, or links elsewhere on the web, you can add them to your profile within the “contact info” section at the top. You should change the label from “other” to a short, descriptive title.

6.       Summary
Consider this section a mini bio. Highlight the best of your background, experience and skills. You could also provide insight into your leadership style, personality, values, longer term goals, or outside interests. Keep the reader’s attention by using short paragraphs. And make it more personal by writing in the first person by using “I”, “Me” or “My”. You may want to include your email address to make it easy for people who are not connected to contact you.

7.       Work Experience
Include all the significant work history and include strong, key word rich descriptions and accomplishments under each position. Your work experience should be the same as listed on your resume. You may chose to include more or less detail for each job.

8.       Embed Media
Add media (documents, video, images, audio) to your profile to make it an online portfolio. You can embed these links in your summary, work experience and education sections.

9.    Skills and Expertise
List all the skills and areas of expertise which are most important to your profession and you want to highlight.

10.   Education
Include all the institutions you attended. List your concentration, major, and/or minor. If you are a recent graduate, include clubs committees and groups you were active in.

11.   Certifications, Test Scores, Courses
These sections are particularly helpful for new graduates. List the most relevant and important information.

12.   Projects
You can reference class projects, special work assignments and side gigs as a project. This is another way to showcase skills and experience.

13.   Recommendations
Ask for recommendations from colleagues, managers or even clients who know your work.

14.   Honors & Awards, Publications, Patents
Complete these sections with as much detail as necessary to highlight why it is important.

15.   Organizations, Volunteering & Causes
Provide details about your involvement in professional associations and the organizations you belong to or committees you serve on. You may also choose to list the volunteer work you do and causes you support. Use discretion when choosing to include any religious or political affiliations.

16.   Personal Details
Your birth date and marital status are the least important details. You may choose not to include this information on your profile.

17.   Status Update
Regularly update your status so your network can see what you are up to. A status update could include a link to an article, information about a presentation you are attending, or it might be a question you would like feedback from your contacts.

18.   Groups
Join college alumni groups, professional associations, and any industry related groups. Share their badges on your profile and participate in discussions by answering questions, sharing links to interesting articles and engaging in conversation with other like-minded professionals.

19.   Make it Complete
Don’t leave information blank or overlook details which may help set you apart such as: Languages, Honors & Awards, Patents, Courses, Test Scores, Certifications, Volunteering & Causes, Organizations, and Interests.

20.   Make It Public
By default, LinkedIn sets your profile to be viewable to the public. For active job seekers this is the best option.


Have you every asked the question “How can I  get in front of more hiring managers?” It is a common challenge for job seekers who know that in order to get hired they must be visible; either by networking or applying for jobs.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Media Rich shares ideas on how to make your profile more like a portfolio!

Here are some more pointers and more pointers getting more out of LinkedIn featuring expert posts by others.

So here is your chance! Show off your super, awesome, amazing LinkedIn profile!

Examples of LinkedIn Profiles

Courtesy of a cool tool called Listly, people added their profiles as examples for you to check out! Hope these help give you ideas.

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Best LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profiles submitted.

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Best LinkedIn Profile | Craig Fisher | LinkedIn
Craig Fisher: LINKEDIN TRAINING, SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY, business + employer branding for sales, marketing, and recruiting.

Keynote Speaker - Cool Tools Blogger - Radio Host - Craig@Fishdogs.com

I help businesses and people tell a clear and consistent story on Linkedin, and other social platforms, to find and attract the right prospects and talent.

Your company's most unique feature is it's people. Give them a voice.

Ed Han

Best LinkedIn Profile | Ed Han

I am a wordsmith. From the ore of words, I craft powerful yet clear communications expertly shaped upon the forge of grammar. Whether I'm negotiating contracts or quickly building enduring relationships, knowing who needs to know what and seeing they do are my passions, realized through proficiencies in verbal and written communications as well as facility with social media.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Alison Hickey

I am an administrative assistant with 4 years experience in both corporate and retail environments. I am proficient in MS Office as well as iWork, and both Windows and Apple operating systems.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Tom Humbarger -- Social Media | Digital Marketing | Strategy | Analytics

I am a social media and digital marketing expert who helps companies increase brand awareness, reputation and interactions.

In a nutshell, I have proven results that I "get stuff done" using my broad marketing, consulting, financial and industry background.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Chaim Shapiro, M.Ed | LinkedIn

• Hands on Career Services professional providing strategic vision and planning, employer relations, assessment and student counseling
• Markets Career Services office and recruits employer partners through use of strong communication and problem solving abilities
• Active in professional associations offering transformative leadership, creative suggestions and close attention to detail
• Social Media pioneer, Career Services LinkedIn leader and founder and co-host of Career Services Twitter chat #CareerServChat

Best LinkedIn Profile | Mike Lally | learner, leader, systems thinker, team builder, master of multiple projects, competing agendas, & shifti...

I am currently a Scrum Master in the Cloud Division at ShoreTel. I manage software development projects as well as a NOC transition project.

I am returning to school to complete a degree in History at SUNY Empire State.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Dawn Rasmussen - CARW, CMP, CTP | LinkedIn

Resume Writing, Career Management Coaching, Career Speaker, and Outplacement Provider.

One of the toughest things for anyone to work on is their resume - trying to write about oneself is akin to trying to 'see the forest for the trees.'

As a transformational career strategist and professional resume writer, I love educating and empowering people with the tools to chart their path through that forest and on to a fulfilling new job.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Heath Port | Strategic Planner

Strong cross-functional leader, with over 9 years of professional success spanning technology and business operations.

Best LinkedIn Profile | David D. White

As an attorney who turns ideas into businesses, I am a strategist working with companies from inception to sustainability. I create value-based business models, develop strategic growth plans and navigate the legal complexities of the business world.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Suzy Tonini | LinkedIn

Social Technologies | Sourcing | Employment Branding | Social Business | Enterprise Collaboration | Community Building |

Best LinkedIn Profile | Jessica Lee | Bethesda, Maryland (Washington D.C. Metro Area) Hospitality

Many Marriotts, one brand. It's everywhere you want to be. Learn more at www.marriott.com/careers.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Bruce J. Hayes - Canada | LinkedIn

With more than two decades experience in the federal government and nine years in newspapers prior to that, I offer a unique combination of communications skills honed over 30 years, an ability to ensure key messages are clearly communicated and understood and a passion for Parliament, machinery of government issues, advocacy and working with public officials.

I am an award-winning writer and strategic thinker. I have a proven track record of “connecting the dots” and using interpersonal and networking skills to provide senior executives with exceptional and timely intelligence and practical advice.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Rich Grant

If you need someone to manage a program, initiative or special projects in higher education or business, let's talk. I express my views on career and internship issues at www.richcareer.net and you can find me on Twitter @RichCareer

Best LinkedIn Profile | Darin Campbell | Professional Communicator ~ Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Branding, Media Relations

I help organizations communicate more effectively and inspire people to action. A savvy, award-winning communicator with over 17 years of experience in developing effective communications strategies for Fortune 500 corporations, marketing/PR agencies, elected officials, municipal governments and non-profit organizations.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Joe Pittari | Sr. Network Administrator | IT Supervisor

IT Professional Seeking New Opportunity in Buffalo, NY
Information Technology Professional with 20 years of achievement in the areas of hardware support for computer servers, workstations, and peripherals including installation, integration, configuration, performance optimization, system analysis, and repair. Possess strong focus on effective execution, best practice implementation, and metric driven management which deliver on business objectives.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Joshua Marion | LinkedIn

View Joshua Marion's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Joshua Marion discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Chris Westfall

Chris Westfall is the national elevator pitch champion, recognized as the grand prize winner in The 118 Pitch competition for the best two-minute speech in the USA. An accomplished executive, speaker and coach, Chris Westfall specializes in helping companies and individuals with sales and business development, through effective communication.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Rahul Lonkar - Web / Digital Marketing Consultant, (SEO/SEM/SMO), Strategist, Trainer

I help and educate small to medium businesses to use the internet to market their brands, products, software and services online. I am web / digital marketing consultant, strategist, & trainer from Pune, India. As a internet / web marketing consultant have lead successfully web marketing, SEO, PPC, SMO, email marketing, lead generation, & local online marketing campaigns from inception to execution.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Jan Neuberger | LinkedIn

View Jan Neuberger's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Jan Neuberger discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Scott M. Sanders

View Scott Sanders's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Scott Sanders discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Sarah Beth Jones

There was a time when I thought I would never settle on a career. My interests are varied and my enthusiasm for ideas has sometimes made it difficult to focus on just one.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Subhash Kandpal | LinkedIn

View Subhash Kandpal's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Subhash Kandpal discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Kelly Hansen

With over 18 successful years of experience in the advertising/marketing industry, I am well refined in all aspects of the business. I possess a full understanding on the development of building brands and embracing the target audience. I’m also proficient in researching, organizing and managing projects from start to completion, as well as, leading a creative team to their fullest potential. I consider myself to be a strong communicator, presenter and team builder with effective client relationship skills. To sum it up, I'm a seasoned creative professional that is passionate about what I do. Please feel free to visit my personal website at www.kellyhansendesign.com.

Best LinkedIn Profile | Susan M. Kuhn | LinkedIn

How do you tell the story of the consistency and trajectory of an adventuresome career? By telling your story...and therein lies a tale....

Best LinkedIn Profile | Kevin B. Wheeler

Management Consultant, Futurist, Lecturer, Writer

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