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Interviewing is an Exchange of Information

Preparing for an interview is so much more than just thinking and worrying about the event.  There are questions you will prepare to ask and answer.  You will want to do research on the people you will be interviewing with.  The list is endless.  You see, the more information you have and the more prepared you are, the more confident you will appear!

Here are some of the most important things to consider.

Developing Your Answers

Developing you STAR stories for this interview is important.  Review the job responsibilities and develop a story that addresses each point.  You will also want to develop answers for these 17 great questions.  To learn more go to:  Pre Interview Prep

Developing Your Questions

Because the interview is or should be an exchange of information, you will want to develop questions you would liked answered about the company, the department, and the position.  This post provides suggested questions to investigate the level of trust within the organization’s culture.  Measuring Trust

More questions for you to explore the culture of an organization are within this post:  Interviewing is a Fact-Finding Mission, Not an Interrogation

Don’t Think, Do

Practicing your answers out loud is actually more effective than practicing them in your head, read why.  Practice Your Interview Answers Out Loud

ALWAYS Send a Thank You

I realize that sounds obvious, but not everyone does it.  Whether typed or handwritten, emailed or snail mailed, Thank You Goes a Long Way.

Evaluate What Went Well and What You Could Improve

Think about the interview objectively and preferably immediate after it is over.  Answer the questions in this post:  Pay Attention to the Red Flags.

I wish you well on your next interview!  If you want to schedule a video mock interview with me, contact me here.

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