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Demonstrate Your Social Prowess: Create a Visual Resume


If you are looking for a way to differentiate your social networking abilities or just a different way to showcase YOU, then consider these five visual resumes.   I am not suggesting they will work for everyone or should be used by everyone, nor do they replace the standard resume (yet).

The other really nice thing about these tools is that you don’t need a lot of technical experience to set them up. And these are all free.  Each comes with a different layout option (easy to select) and walk you through the process of setting it up.  Some even include the ability to track how many people have viewed your profile (so you can see if it has the right key words and there is interest in your skills etc.)

Visual Resumes, Online Portfolios  & Infographic Resumes

For creatives, people interested in social media, PR, communications, marketing, development, photography, art- these tools offer another way to showcase your work. For small business owners, consultants, independents, giggers- showcase what problems you have solved for others! Testimonials, white papers, videos, subject matter expertise, articles, etc- linking and sharing these within an online portfolio help build credibility.

If you are serious about managing your career and online reputation, these free visual resumes all offer a way for you to effortlessly create an online presence of excellence.


About.me is also free and can serve as a single destination to learn what you are all about.  Similar to the service above, you can search the About.me Directory and see who and how others are using this.


Flavors. me allows you to share links to your social networks, websites, blogs, videos, etc. There are really creative ways to show links- the example below is pretty standard, but gives those who are more conservative something to emulate.  Here’s a link to the Flavors.me community so you can get an idea of how other people are using it.

Infographic Resumes

No, you aren’t going to want to submit this to a recruiter or through an online application, but it could be a great way to have a conversation with someone (networking) to visualize your background.  This could even be great for someone changing careers if set up properly!


Re.vu lets you design a dynamic, interactive, and visual resume that they say is significantly more effective at representing the whole person than a common resume alone. It is free.

re vu screen shot


Visualize.me is a free tool that can convert your resume into online visual display (not available for printing yet).  Hmmm, interesting, fun and memorable! But not everyone will relate well to it, so use with discretion!

 Share Them

Just building a page and doing nothing with it won’t serve you well.  You’ll most likely say, “See, this isn’t working.”  You have to have a plan for how you will draw attention and promote your ownership of digital terrain. So where can you share these?

  • Add a link to your LinkedIn Summary. (It will show up as a picture!)
  • Cross promote: Include link in a status update on any social network you use.
  • Add a link to your email signature.
  • Print it and bring it to your next informational meeting.
  • Embed it or link to it from your blog or website.

So are you confused about how you can use these or when?  Or are you someone who has been happy with your results using any of these?  

The Infographic Resume

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