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Are You Really Prepared for Job Search?

job seekers evaluate search skills

76% of job seekers admit they don’t have the necessary skills for job search

Lee Hecht Harrison, a talent mobility consulting firm, conducted an online survey of 645 U.S. job seekers which asked, “In preparing for your job search, what area is in need of most improvement?”

job seekers evaluate search skills

Results of Lee Hecht Harrison 2013 online survey of 645 job seekers.

What exactly do these numbers mean?

What I think this points out is that the majority of people are not proactively managing their longer-term careers. This points out that perhaps they have been caught flat-footed- or at least out of date with many of the techniques necessary in today’s job search.

It has been my observation working with job seekers that the majority are uncomfortable and avoid networking at all costs. Additionally, while some have a LinkedIn account, most just use it to search for jobs. Therefore, my interpretation of these data is that the job seekers surveyed are underestimating the importance of networking and social media as indicated by the low percent who think their skills are ok in this area.

The Move To Social Recruiting

Jobvite, developers of a recruiting platform, reported that 92% of companies use or plan to use social media to recruit in 2013.

What this means for job seekers (active or passive) is that you must have a professional social media presence if you want to be ready for job search. What does this mean?

And DO NOT overlook Twitter, Google+. Facebook, Pinterest and the numerous other social network.

Armed and Ready for Your Job Search

You will want to hit the ground running as you embark on your job search! You really don’t want to waste time trying to figure stuff out, so start today- no matter what your employment status.

Read my post on US News & World Report to learn more about what you can do to ensure a productive, fast job search!

And if you feel like you aren’t making the progress you want in job search, you should probably read it too!

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  • Webster August 20, 2013, 3:08 pm

    I couldn’t get comments to display at USNWR, so I’m commenting here. You appear to have totally misread the results.

    You state that “only 11%” are concerned about their networking, and “only 7%” think they need to improve their social media skills. That’s ***not*** what the survey results show! The survey indicates that those percentages of respondents consider the listed skill the one they need the *most* help with, not the *only* one they need help with.

    The only way your statements could be true is if all respondents were known to believe themselves prepared in all areas except one. If you believe that’s the case, then I may be able to sell you a bridge to Brooklyn!

    To be fair, LHH also misstates what their results mean, but that’s no excuse for you to compound their mistakes with your own.

    • Hannah Morgan (@careersherpa) August 20, 2013, 9:24 pm

      Hi Webster-

      I hear what you are saying about what the data really means. I stand corrected.
      However, my point is, and always will be, that people obsess over their resumes more than they should. If they spent half as much energy obsessing over developing their networking skills (to the tune of 33%), they would land jobs sooner!

      What broad interpretation of this survey tells me is that job seekers under-estimate the importance of networking and social media- they don’t do either well and I long for the day they focus most on those skills.

      PS: No need to write your bill of sale for the bridge, I’m not buying!