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Make Email More Productive

You are missing a golden opportunity to communicate your job search if you are not using an email signature! No, not a handwritten thingy, but the information that automatically gets appended to your email message… you know, that stuff your past employer made you add- company name, phone, fax, tagline, logo, website…that information but about YOU!

careersherpa email signature

I use Wisestamp and can have 3 different signatures depending on whom I communicate with. This looks much more professional that a bunch of text and long links. Go read this post about what information you should include in your email signature as a job seeker!

Sleuthing Tools for Email

Have you ever realized you weren’t connected with someone on LinkedIn? How did you figure that out? Or have you ever wondered what someone looked like or if you have communicated with them before? Or do you want to see what your email recipient is saying on social networks? It is kind of amazing the information you can gather about someone when you use any of these tools listed below!

Directly from my inbox, I can learn a lot about someone whom I correspond with. This information is right beside the email message. I think a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some examples of what I see when I send or receive an email from someone when I use Rapportive.


jorgen sundberg rapportive

I can see what Jorgen looks like!

I see where he lives/works!

I see his business

I see his social profiles (and if I am following him)

I see he is in my Google Contacts





meg guiseppi rapportive

All the same for Meg!

In this case, I expanded her tweets so I could see what she’s been sharing. I can do the same for any of the other profiles where I follow her.








contact info rapportive Scrolling down within Rapportive, I can see any contact information shared. In this case, no phone number is listed, however, if I did have a phone number associated with the contact it would appear.

I can also click on recent mail and see all the email correspondence with this person. The “map this” will show their address and if I want, a map of where they live.




If you are using Outlook, much of the same functionality is available with Xobni (inbox backwards!) I am not using this, but have heard great reviews by those who have. It is also available for Gmail and seems to work on Android devices, though I haven’t tried this either.

Boomerang for Gmail

With Boomerang, you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time. Just write the message then click the Send Later button and you can chose when you want it sent. It can even remind you if you don’t hear back! This way you won’t let messages slip through the crack and will never forget to follow up with people. (Which happens to me all to often!)

Are you using any other email efficiency tools? Please, share! It would be fun to hear what you use and HOW you use it!

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