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The Not-So-Obvious Job Search Help

job search help

Have you ever had a job opportunity the comes out of nowhere. POP! It just magically appears one day when you least expect it.

Sometimes it is referred to as luck, but what I think may better describe what’s going on is the intangible act of networking.

When a job appears, it is usually the result of the many seeds that have been planted. Think of the people you know who got a job faster than you would have expected, how did they initially hear about it AND how did they pursue it?

Networking where you least expect it

Jorgen Sundberg of The Undercover Recruiter shares ways to connect with people in his post: 5 Less-Than-Obvious Ways to Network with People  even the network-averse  might feel more comfortable doing.

Networking is not just an activity you engage in during a job search. It is a personal and professional development activity! Those lucky job seekers you know (the ones who landed a new job in record time) most likely understood this and had a strong network of connections already in place.

My Confession… and tips

I get it. I know how yucky it feels to meet people you don’t know. I am an introvert. I despise going to large events to meet people. But that doesn’t mean I don’t do it. Sometimes, we have to do things we don’t like doing (like eating vegetables!). The more I do it, the more I find ways to make it work for the introverted me. Here are several ways I make networking more tolerable:

  •  I invite people to go with me or plan to meet someone at the event.
  • I seek out specific people in advance I know who will be there and I want to meet.
  • I set a time limit and specific goal for an event and get to leave once achieved!

You can’t really use the fact that you are an introvert as an excuse. Every day, an introvert gets a job and so can you!

Staying Focused Is Key

It is easy to get side-tracked and lured by shiny objects. Staying on course with laser focus was one  of the tips I provided yesterday for how to speed up your job search.  Today, Keppie Careers shares more tips on how to land a job by having laser focus!

More Tips You’ll Need

Miriam Salpeter of Keppie Careers (@Keppie Careers) and I have teamed up to deliver a straight-forward, easy to follow job search guide. You want a job quickly and you don’t have time to monkey around, we get that! That’s why we’ve put this ebook together.

You Need a Job 5 Steps to Get One

You Need A Job: 5 Steps to Get One  here is the link to order your copy!

It contains over 29 chapters packed with the top five steps you will need to take during each phase of your job search. My math stinks, so I pulled out the calculator and that 145 steps clearly defined!


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