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Summary Sunday: LinkedIn News and Standing Out In Life

Summary Sunday is a roundup of posts written by other people. I carefully select some of the best from this week and share them with you. Truth be told, I’ve already shared these posts this week on Twitter, but they are worth re-sharing!


And by the way, if it seems like forever since you’ve seen my Summary Sunday, that’s probably because summer got in the way!



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Introducing a New Look for LinkedIn Groups [INFOGRAPHIC] from the Official LinkedIn Blog

In case you missed the news, LinkedIn has updated the way your Groups pages look. Nothing major, just a cleaner user interface and one that matches the recent updates to profiles.

To learn more about getting the most out of Groups and other LinkedIn features and functions, you can read LinkedIn Features You Don’t Want to Overlook.

In LinkedIn Jail? Here’s How to Get Out and Stay Out! by Stacy Zapar

Stacy is the most connected woman on LinkedIn, so she out to know! In this post she explains The Four Types of LinkedIn Jail and how to get out! An ounce of prevention is also a good thing! Watch out for these so you don’t find yourself in jail in the first place!

4 Essentials For Reaching Out To Strangers On LinkedIn on CAREEREALISM by Joshua Waldman

What would it take for a complete stranger to grant your request for an informational meeting? Read the real-life example of one that worked and why!

Stand Out in Your Job Search

Are You Brave Enough to Be Different? by Mark Babbitt on Savvy Intern

THIS should be the first post I listed! If you read this, then you’ll probably have the fire in your belly to implement all the other stuff you read! Be brave my friends!

Stand Up and Stand Out! 5 Fresh Ways to Land a Job on Social-Hire

If you are playing it safe, using the same-old, same-old job search techniques, maybe these ideas will inspire you to step outside the safety box!

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