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Summary Sunday: Implementing Your Job Search

Getting your job search off the ground can feel overwhelming and/or confusing. There is a lot of advice out there and often it seems contradictory. But maybe it isn’t. I think most career and job search advice tells you to have a plan, know what it is you are looking for, have well-crafted documents that support your goal, vary how you look for jobs, and interview well. There are subtle differences based on where you are in your career (new grad versus nearing retirement) and the industry and type of work you are looking for, but essentially, the process is the process. Don’t over-think it.

Getting Your Search Going

New Grad: 10 tips to improve your job search (Part 1)  by Lea McLeod, Degrees of Transition

4-Part Transition to the Next Phase of Your Career by Susan Joyce, Job-Hunt.org

The Process of Job Search (me!)

Job Search Fail

Not getting the results you want? There are many reasons your search may not be going well.

Job Offer: 5 Reasons You Won’t Get One by Tim’s Strategy

7 Reasons You Are Never Going to Get A Job (me!)

6 Worst Interview Mistakes Job Seekers Make by CollegeRecruiter

Need More Tips?

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