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Summary Sunday: Build an Online Presence of Excellence

This is my summary of great posts from the week. If you aren’t following my on Twitter, @careersherpa, please do so and say hello, by all means!

If you aren’t ready for Twitter, you can still see everything I’m sharing there (and other social networks as well) by checking out my RebelMouse page, Twylah page or Paper.li page (FYI, these are great opportunities for you to demonstrate your excellence as well!)

Your Message: aka Brand

Miriam Salpeter and I realized that the term personal brand can be off-putting to many. We coined the term VIV-id as defined here, and we think it is more relevant to today’s career enthusiasts.

Personal Branding blogDan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog consistently provides great content on the topic of personal branding (please add his site to your regular reading list, if you haven’t already).

9 Lesser-Known Strategies for Building Your Brand’s Credibility

A MUST-READ! The advice comes from the Young Entrepreneur Council and the advice comes from those who have successfully implemented these 9 strategies. If they can do it, so can you!

Would You Go This Far?

jobmob logoStanding out in today’s world often seems impossible. Yet, there are always those who seem to do it! With great risk comes great reward. When you think about your strategy, are you playing it too safe? Read how Jacob Share stood out!

The Best Personal Branding Story  You Haven’t Heard About from JobMob

You Have 10 Minutes or Less to Impress. What Will You Do?

Keppie Careers logoIn Miriam Salpeter’s post, she provides suggestions for ways you can make the best of the critical first 10 minutes of an interview!

How to get the job: Make a good first impression from Keppie Careers.

The Networking Process Visualized

Are you struggling to embrace networking? This visual (known as an infographic) should help you understand the different steps to the networking process! Do it!

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