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Start Your Career Planning Now

9 Ways to Get Started

You and I can make thousands of excuses for not investing more in our careers. We can hold on tight to a job we don’t enjoy, we can limp along in a job we know isn’t going to get us anywhere, or… we can take out our compass and map and put on our hiking boots for a great adventure.Will you chose the easy route or the harder one (which is actually more rewarding in the long run)? Here are nine ways to begin managing your career!

one eye on your future

Keep one eye on the future at all times!

Not just your employer’s future, but YOURS! What will you next move be? Are you thinking like a free agent?

Career Management Leads to Success

In Mary Hope’s guest post on Wise Wolf’s blog, Mary talks about the benefits of career management. Mary says:

 Research shows

  • Having career goals means people outperform those  who do not have goals or who only have a weak commitment to their goals.
  • Those with goals are more optimistic, they are more resilient,
  • Those with goals are more focused , they work harder at job search, are engaged and are more successful at finding new roles.
  • People who engage in career management generate more job interviews and more offers.
  • They obtain higher salary offers and are more realistic about their job expectations.
  • They are more effective in job interviews.

Actively Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just for job search. Set LinkedIn Today news feeds to meet your needs! Join industry related groups and participate in discussions! And connect with people you meet in person to cement a connection.

Know What is Trending Outside Your Industry

Maybe social media isn’t widely used in your industry…yet! But could it be used? Could you be the one to innovate and adapt its usage? Always keep your eyes and ears open for new technology that could increase productivity and marketability for your employer. Then learn how to use the technology!


Nothing says stagnant more than someone who doesn’t read. Pick up a classic or a new release, it doesn’t matter. Just do it.

Take On Special Projects

Proactively seek the opportunity to take on new projects (inside or outside of work). You know what your interests are! Don’t over-think this. And don’t make excuses as to why you can’t or that your company won’t let you. Lend a hand doing something you love doing and are good at!

Network, Not Just When YOU Need It

All too often, people who are new to job search scramble to build connections with people and then you know what happens when they get a job? They stop networking, as if they won’t need it again. If you turn networking into a regular activity and carve time into your schedule to do it, that’s the best workout you can give yourself! There are no excuses for not networking.

Things Change SO Quickly- Be Flexible

What you and I both know is that the world is changing so fast. This demands you stay flexible and remain open to new possibilities!

Have An Exit Strategy

Sometimes you have to take a J O B to pay the bills or acquire health insurance or get people off your back. Look for the good in these opportunities. Perhaps it is learning about a new industry or just meeting new people. Set a time-frame for yourself to find a new, more rewarding job. If you stay in a job you don’t want to be in you run the risk of getting fired or worse, losing self confidence.

Enjoy your Labor Day and begin thinking about what your next great job will look like!

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