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Not sure How to Get Started with LinkedIn?

I regularly hear job seekers say they don’t know how to use LinkedIn.  It breaks my heart.  There are thousands of resources online to answer questions about this.  Read on for some of the excellent resources I recently shared.linkedin connections image

By the way, LinkedIn is more than an online resume.  It is more than a job board.  It is a tool which allows you to build brand and connect with people!  Got it?!

Jason Alba’s Got You Covered!

By far, the guru on LinkedIn, from the job seeker perspective is Jason Alba.  His most recent DVD answers all the questions most people new to LinkedIn have.  He also does a great job of critiquing LinkedIn profiles which explains what Jason thinks works and doesn’t work.  If you are interested in ordering one, I highly recommend it!  Here’s the link

You will also find loads of valuable information on his book’s site, I’m On LinkedIn…Now What! (Also a wonderful guide!)

Profiles can be boring.  Learn how to spiff your’s up by reading Jason’s post Turbocharge Your LinkedIn Profile AND view the presentation by Chip Hartman within!

Help from LinkedIn Themselves

Did you know LinkedIn has online tutorials, videos, help and webinars?  Really, they do!  All free! Find answers to your LinkedIn questions in their Help Center (new in 2013)

You can also visit the Official LinkedIn Channel on YouTube

How To Write a More Meaningful Profile

Chris Brogan shares his vision of what LinkedIn should be and provides some interesting thoughts in his post:  Write Your LinkedIn Profile for Your Future

If you are looking for more resources, you can also check out my Resources page.

Is there a “go to” resource you’ve found to be helpful?  Share!

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