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Motivation Monday: Things You Didn’t Know About Job Search

job search lack of knowledge

There is one thing you can do starting today that will almost guarantee your future success. Want to try and guess what that is? And if you think you know the answer, well, maybe you wrong.

Have you heard any of these before?

You don’t know what you don’t know.

 “Ignorance Is bliss”

“If I knew then what I know now…”

At this point in time, you only know about the subjects you’ve taken time to learn about or what you’ve been exposed to through your life experiences.  Think about this for a second or two. Think about all the things you don’t know. But don’t get overwhelmed. Instead, become more inquisitive. Just this one simple change in your daily outlook will help you learn and open your mind.


When a comprehensive assessment was conducted by Boyer Management Group, they found that less than half the people surveyed knew how to conduct a successful job search today.

  • 36.6% of college students and recent grads got the correct answers.
  • 44.5% of experienced professionals and skilled workers answered the questions correctly.

Job Search Competence Boyer Mgmt

The data shows that job seekers of all ages “get” the research part, but knowledge about interviewing and follow-up seem to be lacking. Roughly 30% of job seekers don’t quite understand what it takes to interview successfully. If you would like to learn more about the study and assessment, you can view the post here.

Life Long Learning

Adopting the notion of being a life-long-learning can help you pivot into new directions, adapt to the rapid changes of corporate life, and even to live longer.

So today, what will you teach yourself and who will you learn from?

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