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Motivation Monday: Make It a Productive Summer

For some of you, the kids are done with school and so begins another week of their vacation but don’t let that interfere with your job search. Or maybe you are living back home after graduation.  Here are some ways to keep your job search moving forward while you enjoy the summer months as well.

Motivation MondayGet Out of Your House

As long as you are out side of your house, you will inevitably meet people! Be inquisitive. Before you confess you are in job search or your canned elevator speech, spend time learning about the new person you are meeting. Be other-focused!

Turn your trip to the beach/water park into an information gathering session

If you are headed out for the day or for a week, plan to meet new people and learn about what they do. Ask questions.

Organize a Reunion

If you are home from school, contact classmates from high school and college for a get together.

Take a Walk

Invite a friend, neighbor or new acquaintance for a walk (either outside or at the gym).

Barbeque Anyone?

This is the perfect time of year to gather friends, family and past colleagues to chill out and grill out! Money’s tight, so make it a BYOB and a invite them to bring a dish to pass.

Invite Others to an Event

Going to an outdoor concert, festival or other event? The more the merrier! Invite friends to go with you.

Remember: all of these activities offer you the opportunity to connect with people. Turn each of them into an information gathering session. It can be even more beneficial if you do a little research about some of your friends on LinkedIn to see who they know.  You may even be able to identify some people they know that you would like an introduction to. And be sure to follow up after with your marketing plan/target list of companies so your contacts know what your are looking for and how they can help.

Please, please, please! Do not take the summer off from your job search. Find ways to convert your summer vacation into a productive job hunt!

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  • JonChiehLau July 3, 2012, 11:45 pm

    Great post Hannah.  Too often, I see new grads consumed with their job search.  
    I would also add in that people should get out and volunteer this summer.  Not only does it make you feel good, a volunteer activity is practically a networking event where instead of cocktails you are helping people!
    Jonathan Lau
    Biz Dev