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Motivation Monday: Be the Conduit


I believe in sharing information- do you? All too often I run into people who have great stories to share, know where to go to find the latest and greatest information, or have expertise others should know about. Stop being stingy and hording what you know- be the conduit!

Sharing Is Caring

Think about the things you have discovered through the school of hard knocks, personally and professionally. You may think no one else cares about what you’ve learned, but I would like to challenge you to think differently. There is someone, somewhere who needs to hear your message and lessons-learned. How will you share it?

Mentoring, either formally or informally, is a wonderful way to share what you’ve learned. But where do you find mentoring opportunities? Yes, there are organizations that specifically match mentees with mentors. Or you could approach your employer/manager/boss and ask if they would be open to the idea of you starting up a program within your company. You could see if your professional organization has opportunities. And if you are unemployed, think about offering your mentor-ship to new job seekers in the group. Please, step beyond what you know and make a difference in someone else’s life.

The Sponge

Some people just have a knack for acquiring information. They always seem to know where to go to get answers and/or always seem to be in-the-know. If you are the sponge, find an outlet to share your discoveries. This could be a blog or your favorite social network.

The Conduit

The conduit ensures information continues to flow. The conduit doesn’t necessarily have the answer to the question, but they know where to go to find it. If you are privy to information, data, or resources that could help other people, would you share it?

Here’s a challenge: Can you incorporate one of these phrases into your daily language?

Have you talked to [insert name of knowledgeable source] about this yet?

Do you know about [insert name of helpful resource]? 

You may have already seen this [article, story, information] but I thought you may find it helpful.

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