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Interviews Are Not a One-Way Street

interview isn’t a one way street

Please, please, level the playing field during an interview by asking smart, meaningful questions!

Though the employer has the job, it may not be the one you want, nor are you sure you want to work there…yet!

This is the purpose and mission of the interview process- to learn and assess if this is the right place and the right job for you!
These are the areas you want to learn more about. Not just on the surface, but a deep understanding!

  • Do you like your future job requirements
  • Do you like your future boss?
  • Do you like your future co-workers?

Make the Right Decision

There’s a saying among those who assess turnover or retention rates in companies. They often say employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. You can prevent your premature departure from your next job by making sure you know as much as possible about the new opportunity and people you’ll be working with. The interview process is the time to get all your questions answered (check out these questions you can ask). Don’t wait to find out until you are on the job.

To learn more about questions you can ask and how you can level the playing field during interviews, check out my newest post on On Careers.

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