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College Seniors: Get Your Act Together NOW!

If your graduation is coming up this spring, NOW is the time to get your job search into full-swing. Actually, I hope you started thinking about this last year.

graduate with diploma.When you were in high school, you knew it was important to get good grades and take the SATs. You were preparing yourself to become attractive to the college of your choice.

The same preparation is needed to compete for a job. But, it isn’t just good grades or the type of degree that matter. EXPERIENCE carries a lot of weight. Employers want to see proof that you can assimilate to the workforce and ideally have first-hand knowledge for what the job is all about. In order for you to be the more attractive candidate, you should have lined up internships or co-ops last year. (Ooops. Sorry if no one told you that before.)

This first-hand experience not only makes you more attractive, it also helps you understand the day-to-day job requirements and provides you with “industry language” so you can more effectively communicate your qualifications. If the company speaks “industry” but you speak “college classes” there is a disconnect. It is like speaking two different foreign languages.

In today’s US News & World Report post, I provide a list of the Top 10 Things College Seniors Do Right NOW!

Featured US News On Careers bloggerI hope you find that information helpful in mapping out your next several months. The bottom line is that your job search has to begin immediately if you want a job when you graduate!




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