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Career Development Carnival: December 2012

career development carnivalDecember’s Career Development Carnival is here. Below you will find 18 posts to help your career! With the year drawing to a close and a new one coming up, this is the perfect time of year to reflect and commit to some healthy new habits and learning new things!


January’s Career Development Carnival will be on Lynn Dessert’s site, Elephants at Work. We look forward to seeing you there!

toolsJob Search Resources

I’m a CMO But I Need Help Writing My Executive Resume

by Meg Guiseppi, Executive Career Brand

Chief Marketing Officers are sometimes not good at marketing themselves in their executive resumes.

How To Backup Your LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Pinterest Accounts

by Jacob Share, Job Mob

Like any other website, social networks can go offline or even shut down, taking your information with them. Wouldn’t you want to have backups so you could restore the information later, or upload it to other sites?

Answering “Have You Ever Been Fired? Asked to resign?”

by Kristin S. Johnson, Profession Direction, LLC

Job seekers often struggle with a termination.  We’ve all had positions that didn’t go as well as we had hoped. It could have been the company culture, maybe a lack of support made a job difficult, or it could have been something we did. Whatever the reason, it’s a tricky thing to talk about in an interview, especially if your interviewer has insider information about the situation.

The A-Z guide to landing your dream job in 2013

by Mildred Talabi, Mildred Talibi- Careers speaker, writer & blogger

If finding a job is your goal for 2013, you may find this A-Z guide to landing your dream job useful.

The New LinkedIn Profile- A Video Tour

by Marc Miller, Career Pivot

LinkedIn has made some changes and to get a better understanding how these show up on your profile, take a guided tour.

Job Search: 5 Reactions To Labor Disputes

by Denise Felder, Denise Mpls

How does a job seeker know if they are crossing a picket line or getting in the middle of a labor dispute?

Sites You Should Be Using

by Karen Silins, The A-Plus Advisory Post

Relevant, reputable, and free professional development site recommendations for job seekers and industry professionals.

Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Making Your Résumé Ring Out Loudly in 3 Ways!

by Debra Ann Matthews, JobWinningResumes

Three resume reminders you can’t overlook.

manageCareer Management

Life is Like a Ten-Speed Bike

by Deborah Mourey, Hell in the Hallway

If life is like a ten-speed bike, how many gears do you use? Are you pushing yourself? trying new things? Career management takes energy and initiative. Don’t be stuck in two gears!

Performance Appraisal Time? Update your Resume at the Same Time

by Lisa Rangel, Chameleon Resumes

Performance Review. Employee Performance Evaluation. Self-Assessment. It goes by many names, but that time of year to evaluate your performance has arrived. There are arguments made from two camps that justify and nullify the purpose of doing performance reviews, but I say there are two main purposes to capitalize on this corporate event:

One of job search’s biggest roadblocks: You don’t know what you don’t know

by Dawn Bugni, The Write Solution

Sometimes, the biggest roadblock in a job search is not knowing what you need to know to start or manage the process. As I found out during a recent remodel project, things aren’t nearly as overwhelming with some expert guidance and a plan.

Resume and Vitae: A look into your ethics, honesty and trustworthiness

by Lynn Dessert, Elephants at Work

Make no mistake, your resume or vitae is a direct reflection of your values.

Manage Your Career; Don’t Let It Manage You

by Michael Keathley, Guide on the Side

This post encourages readers to be proactive in pursuing their career goals by taking advantage of the variety of educational opportunities that exist and by turning obstacles into launching points.

The Perils of Perfectionism

by E.A. Sears, Goodenoughtogreat.com

Are you getting in your own way of achieving great things? See how perfectionism may be limiting your success.

Keep Morphing

by Hannah Morgan, Career Sherpa.net

Keep on your toes and adapt yourself to the world around you. This post highlights personal morphing tips and examples of the many changes in social media going on today. Change is inevitable!


Networking Worthiness

By Arthur Catalanello, Arthur Catalanello Consulting

Explore the benefits of networking and first impressions.

communicate and monitorReputation Management

The Impact of What You Say Online

by Julie Walraven, Design Resumes

We are quickly becoming a very communicative society, at least online. Here are some considerations for anyone using social media to consider.

The Dark Side of Digital: Beware the Social Media Lynch Mob

by Dave Ellis, The Savvy Intern on YouTern

It happened again. Another termination because of posts on “personal” social media accounts.

As YouTern’s Content and Community Manager, Dave’s surrounded by social media. The platform connects, educates, entertains and employs more than anything that has come before. Social media can do immense good. It has a dark side, however, as a powerful force in swaying the court of public opinion. With one tweet or post, coffee-swilling digital citizens can be enflamed into a virtual lynch mob ready to storm Frankenstein’s castle.

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