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Why Do You Like Twitter?

What I am learning is that there many reasons to like Twitter.  I find it difficult sometimes to explain exactly what it is about this tool that makes it so cool, interesting, fun, productive, effective, etc.

When I a presented a workshop yesterday to a group of job seekers, I was trying to help them understand the real-time benefits as well as the helpfulness of Twitter-users.  I posed this question on Twitter right before my presentation:

why do you like using Twitter?

The answers demonstrate the variety of reasons people benefit from using Twitter (and I am quite sure there are so many more)!


Perhaps one of my favorite responses on the topic of Twitter use came from Joann Gillum (@jojo_w).


A huge “Thank You” to these helpful Twitter folks for sharing and helping!

Those I know through Twitter are nice, helpful, engaging, smart, thoughtful and more.  My words of warning to those who “nay-say” or dismiss Twitter as stupid, silly, or a waste of time:


Twitter Basics from Twitter

This is everything you need to know about getting started on Twitter, from setting up your account to basic use!

Or, fine, don’t jump on the Twitter bus, that’s fine. It allows the earlier adopters to continue to be big fish in a little pond! Claiming their digital terrain and making a mark.

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