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Were You A Victim of Bad Hiring or the Problem?

Hiring is costly and risky! You would think by now we would all be a little smarter about how and who gets hired, but according to a CareerBuilder survey:

69% of employers reported that their companies have been adversely affected by a bad hire

Companies Own Up To Their Mistakes

Companies reported these were the top reasons for making a bad hiring decision, according to CareerBuilder’s survey:

  • failNeeded to fill the job quickly (43%)
  • Insufficient talent intelligence (22%)
  • Sourcing techniques need to be adjusted per open position (13%)
  • Fewer recruiters to help review applications (10%)
  • Failure to check references (9%)
  • Lack of strong employment brand (8%)

And proof that mistakes just happen- 26% of employers say they weren’t sure why they made a bad hire.

Why The Employee Failed

These were the most common behavioral-performance related reasons employers listed for their new hire not working work out:

  • failQuality of work was lackluster (67%)
  • Failure to work well with other employees (60%)
  • Negative attitude (59%)
  • Attendance problems (54%)
  • Complaints from customers (44%)
  • Failure to meet deadlines (44%)

Hiring Is  A Two-Way Street

Both parties need to do a better job during the interview and on-boarding process! It isn’t fair to blame one or the other. Just like a relationship takes commitment, communication and common trust, so does a job!

However, it serves as an important reminder to job seekers; take ownership to evaluate not only the job, but the company culture, leadership style and past hiring decisions.

And once you are in the job, it is up to you to manage how your work is perceived. It is easy for a manager to say the quality of your work was lackluster after you are gone. From day one, make sure you get immediate feedback so this doesn’t become your problem!

It isn’t just performance that matters, it is also your attitude! Keep these points in mind when you start a new job:

  • Arrive early every day for the first month to prove you are dedicated.
  • Don’t take time off in the first 90 days.
  • Never complain about your work.
  • Make friends with everyone.
  • If you are having problems servicing a customer, ask for help from your manager.

These seem kind of common-sensical, but, you know what they say about common-sense…it isn’t so common!

Perception is Reality!

Do your part to manage the perception of those you work with and for! This is your most important job responsibility and one no one teaches you how to do this!

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