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Taking Credit Where Credit Is Due

The title of this post from Forbes caught my eye.  It is something I know I have trouble with and so many others do too!  “The Right Way To Sell Yourself at Work“.  The author, Helen Coster confesses:horn

The more time I spend in the workforce, the more I realize that my aversion to self-promotion can limit my career.

The article makes these recommendations:

  • Have a pitch ready when you need to introduce yourself.
  • If you are an introvert, enlist the help of colleagues/friends to help spread the word about your successes (remember to reciprocate)
  • Your reputation is about stories, not adjectives touting your good work

William Arruda, the president of Reach Personal Branding, says: “Building a strong personal brand isn’t about telling people how great you are,” he says. “It’s about showing people how great you are.”

  • Keep track of your accomplishments.  Why?

“At this time of absolute chaos in the workforce, bosses are often doing two or three jobs instead of one,” says Peggy Klaus. “They don’t have the bandwidth to remember what you do every day.”

Many many years ago, ahead of his time, a wise manager provided me with GOALS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS to document my accomplishments.  I’ve shared it with others along the way.  It is a simple solution to setting and recording measurable goals and accomplishments!

What tools are you using to take credit where credit is due?

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