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Summary Sunday: Whole Lotta Job Search Stuff

Every Sunday I review my tweets to rally together some of the most important or favorites shared. It is not only a week-in-review for me, but if you aren’t on Twitter, it is my chance to inform and educate you on what you are missing! (You know how much I love Twitter!) For a visually-appealing summary, check out my page on RebelMouse.

The topics span the spectrum this week! There’s professional development, social media and job search trends. I hope you enjoy!

Professional Development

Always Have Conversational Currency!

How do you stay up on current events? Watching the news is one way, however, it is always slightly skewed based on the station providing the information. I have always LOVED The Week! It provides insight on the multiple sides of stories and news! And lucky for you, they’ve got a fabulous summary called “10 Things You Need to Know Today

Developing Your Charisma

Inc. provided a list of 10 Habits of Remarkably Charismatic People

  1. They listen way more than they talk.
  2. They don’t practice selective hearing.
  3. They put their stuff away.
  4. They give before they receive–and often they never receive.

Please go read the full list and details on Inc.com!

Time’s  Awastin

I know I struggle with time management. Staying on track, focused and disciplined is difficult. Here’s an obvious, but helpful post by S. Anthony Iannarino.

The Key to Time Management: Stop Wasting It

The Scoop On Social Media

Top Picks By Mari Smith

Every week Mari Smith sends out top articles on Social Media. She knows her stuff and I highly recommend you subscribe to her free news letter so you can become more familiar with what is going on here. It is NOT a fad. It is going to impact all our lives very soon. It will become a part of every job eventually.

Top Social Media Tips of the Week – September 14, 2012

Stop Avoiding the Inevitable

Heather Huhman’s post on Glassdoor tells you why it is important to have an online profile. Please, go check it out!

5 Reasons Your Online Profile Is More Important than Your Resume

Interviewing Trends & Tips

See Interviews Through the Eyes of the Employer

Please gain a better understanding and appreciation for what the employer has to go through in order to hire someone. It isn’t as easy as it seems. In Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter’s post on On Careers, she lists the issues and supplies three tips to help you stand out from the crowd!

Why Today’s Interview Process is So Difficult

Lights, Camera, Action

Are you ready for your video interview? Really! 63% of human resources managers interviewed said their company often conducts employment interviews via video according to an Office Team study.

The following post has seven tips to help you prepare!

More Employers Are Doing Video Interviews from CollegeRecruiter.com

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