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Summary Sunday: The new workplace, Twitter and Google+

Summary Sunday is a collection of posts from this week I’ve found and shared.  I attempt to put them in some sort of related order to make a point or help increase your level of awareness and knowledge.  I hope you find these posts as helpful as I did!

The new workplace

gigaom john hagel

If I had one wish this week (today) for every person employed today, it would be to understand the messages in this post (with videos) from GigaOm in the interview with John Hagel.

He is cited as one of the foremost thinkers on technology and its impact on the future of work. He’s also co-authored “The Power of Pull”.

This post “The Future of companies and the modern workforce”will help you understand where we’re heading and why!

Part 1: The State of the Company

Part 2: The Changing Corporate World

Part 3: The Modern Workforce

If you want to understand why there aren’t any “jobs” out there today and why big companies keep laying off and why YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR VIEWS today, please watch and listen!

Twitter Chats for Job Seekers

Twitter chats

The other great post this week is from Tim Tyrell-Smith who posted this on On Careers.

Twitter Chats for Job Seekers

There are three popular Twitter chats specifically for job seekers.  To learn more about them, read this post.

There’s been a lot written about Twitter chats.  Here are some more posts you may want to dive into for more information:

How to use Twitter to find a job from Keppie Careers

Secrets, Twitter Chat tools and JobHuntChat Anniversary from Blogging4Jobs

What Twitter Chats can do for your Job Search from CareerRocketeer

Tackling Twitter from Campus to Career

american jobs conferenceAlong this same line is an upcoming conference hosted by TweetMyJobs.  This is the first of its kind conference via Twitter.  Experts will be tweeting their career advice.  It is July 19th, so there is still time to register (free).  Follow the hashtag #jobs4us .  This is a link to the agenda!

Google +

I have been a bit distracted this week setting up my Google circles and trying to figure out how I might use this new social tool differently than I use LinkedIn and Twitter.

Chris Voss created this helpful video on how to set up circles…for those of you ready to give Google + a whirl.

How to set up your circle of friends

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  • Donna Svei aka AvidCareerist.com July 17, 2011, 1:01 pm

    Hi Hannah,

    Thank you for the mention and all the terrific links.

    I’ve also set up a special Twitter handle for learning Google+: @How2GooglePlus.

    This is an archive of the best articles and blog posts I see about G+. There’s a lot of good information there about how to use G+ effectively and efficiently!

    In addition to @How2GooglePlus, Dave Larson, of @TweetSmarter fame, has set up @LearnGooglePlus. Interestingly, we don’t seem to be doing much duplicate posting, so this is another terrific resource for people who want to know more about G+.

    Donna Svei
    Donna Svei on G+

    • Hannah Morgan July 22, 2011, 6:10 am

      Thanks for the reminder Donna.

      I follow Google your handle on Twitter myself! Good to know about Dave Larson’s efforts as well!