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Summary Sunday: Job Search Tip Round-Up

From around the twitterverse, I collect and share information I think will help those of you who are searching for a new opportunity.This week’s roundup contains my favorite posts from this week! I hope you enjoy!

5 Questions You Must Answer About Your Job Search from Tim’s Strategy

Tims Strategy blog

Tim has such a great way of positioning things. It must be his marketing brain at work! He begins his post by saying:

First, people will want to know things about you. Intrusive, I know. But they will.

Second, they will ask you these questions before you are ready to answer them.

Third, if you don’t answer them well, you will be penalized. #Harsh

See what 5 questions he says you need to have an answer to and the right way to go about creating your responses!

 10 Things You Should Know About Your Job Interviewer from On Careers

You must understand what is going through the minds of people conducting interviews. This post shares with you 10 things you need to know.

Hate Networking? 3 Ways to Get Over It from Inc.


In summary, most people don’t like networking. However, if you pay attention to these three things, it will pay off big time: listening for opportunities to help others, open up and be honest about your challenges, and no one really is a bad contact, as long as you keep an open mind! This is written from a business owner’s perspective, but since your search is like marketing a business, it totally works!

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