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Summary Sunday: Career Communication


How you communicate in person and online reveals a lot about your professionalism, maturity, and overall tact and diplomacy. This week’s summary addresses areas for communication improvement.

What Interviewers Wish They Could Tell Every Job Candidate by Jeff Haden on LinkedIn

Jeff Haden has written 9 really really great points. My hunch is, if you do every single one of these things really well, you’ll be the chosen candidate over and over again. They aren’t easy. You’ll have to give these things considerable thought before the interview and perhaps practice a little. Please notice the other articles Jeff has written at the bottom of this post! I’ve shared some of them before!

12 Most Spectacular Ways to Make Your Communication Sparkle by Dr. Michelle Mazur on 12Most

On the surface, these appear to be obvious. Dig deep and practice these 12 communication sparklers. If we were all really good at them, all the time, these types of articles wouldn’t still get written.

My take is that we tend to take our communication skills for granted. How did you respond when someone verbally attacked you? Why did your manager give the promotion to someone else and what did you do about it? Why weren’t you invited back for the next round of interviews? If you can’t answer these questions, you can improve your communication skills or should at least try.

Top 10 Recruiters Tell You How to Get Noticed, Then Impress by Glassdoor via Savvy Intern.

Read what impresses these top recruiters from adidas, GEICO, Expedia and more. See how simple it is to impress recruiters when you know how they think!

There are so many posts to share and so little time! If you missed what I shared this week on Twitter, you can see a summary here.

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