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Summary Sunday: Building Relationships

This Summary Sunday is a collection of the articles on networking and building relationships I’ve read and shared on Twitter during the week. It has been awhile since I’ve summarized my favorite reads. There is so much content to read and so little time.

linkThere are two reasons I create this weekly summary. First, to highlight information I think will help job seekers. Second, to introduce you to new people who write about career, job search and related topics.

If you are new to Twitter and want to build the list of people you follow, I have included links to the sites’ Twitter accounts.

The Etiquette of Making Introductions by The Daily Muse (@dailymuse)

Have you ever been asked by a new contact to introduce them to someone you know? It can get tricky. This post identifies tips to help you do it better and more comfortably. Yes, there are LOTS of grey areas, but my two cents is not every introduction is necessarily an “endorsement.”

What Good Does This Contact Do For Me? by The Wise Job Search (@eExecutives)

This post helps you understand that no contact is a bad contact and you can never have too many. This is how it opens:

“I’m an Electrical Engineer, I go to a job networking meeting and ask for contacts at one of my target companies, and someone gives me the name and contact information for an Accountant! What good is that???”

How To Search You Connection’s Connections on LinkedIn by Linked Into Business (@LinkedInExpert)

Rather than blindly asking who someone knows, check out their connections on LinkedIn! See if they know anyone at your target companies. This post contains 10 really simple steps and a link to a video tutorial too!

What to Expect from the Job Market in 2013 by The WorkBuzz (@CareerBuilder)

People ask me all the time if the job market is better. The answer depends on what type of job you are looking for and where. This post is an overview of the findings from CareerBuilder’s 2013 survey. It is not a definitive answer, but it is a perspective noting trends you should be aware of!

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