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Summary Sunday: From Body Language to Networking

This is my weekly round up of job search and career related information which I’ve shared on Twitter this week. Catch up on the news or information you missed by skimming this post or check out the “weekly” summary at the bottom of the post!


5 Signs You’re Failing Your Interview: Interviewer Body Language Secrets
By Larry Buhl on Monster

After you learn to pay attention to your body language, you are ready to pay attention to the interviewer’s body language. Not only does the post talk about body language “red flags” it also explains how you can counter the problem. And don’t miss this winning signs pointed out in the post:

Experts agree that several signs indicate the interview is going well. In these cases, the interviewer will:

  • Nod or tilt her head forward, indicating agreement, interest or at least that she’s paying attention.
  • Mirror your body language, such as by crossing his hands when you cross your legs.
  • Offer positive verbal responses, such as repeating similar phrases.


7 Key Habits of Super Networkers
By Lewis Howes on Entrepreneur.com

These 5 habits are easy to replicate yourself! Pick up some (or all) of these winning habits. Here are the first 3, check Lewis’ post out for a full explanation.

  1. Ask insightful questions.
  2. Add value.
  3. Learn their ‘story.’

5 Steps to Effective Alumni Networking
By Phil Rosenberg on The Ladders

No matter what stage of your career you are in, consider reconnecting with you college or university to tap into their alumni database (or find a link on LinkedIn). These are great networking guidelines and help set the right networking strategy from the get-go!

VIV-id (aka Personal Branding)

Personal and Career Branding: 5th Annual Job Action Day
by Quintessential Careers

I was pleased to participate in this year’s Job Action Day along with many other notable career experts. Don’t miss the information shared in this one post. You will find 9 guest posts on Quint Careers plus links to 12 participating sites. I don’t think you’ll have questions about personal branding after reading these!

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