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Summary Sunday: All Types of Skills You Need

As you skim through the list of posts below, I am quite certain you will find some tid-bit of information that will help your job search! From advice on social networking across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to what top skills employers are looking for…I’ve rounded up posts from some of my favorite sources.

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Your Online Presence

Harry Urschel  regularly shares great ideas and information.  He is an expert on Job-Hunt.org and has his own site as well.

How Employers View Your Online Presence from Job-Hunt.org by Harry Urschel @eExecutives

Harry says:

While an employer may be impressed with your image and professional history they may find on LinkedIn, they may be turned-off by a political rant you might have written to the local paper; the way you may have cursed out a company in a review site because you were dissatisfied with a product or service; the explicit discussion you may have had with someone in an online forum; or any number of other possibilities.

Social Networks:  LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

5 Ways to Tweet Yourself to a New Job from ResumeBear by @careerbliss

10 Ways to Use Facebook to Get a Job from Cornonthejob by @cornonthejob

5 LinkedIn Job Search Tips You Haven’t Heard Yet from JobMob by Nisa Chitakasem

Optimize Your LinkedIn with SlideShare Presentations from Social Media Delivered by the @LinkedInQueen

In Demand Skills/Qualities

In this year’s 2012 NACE survey,”ability to work in a team structure” ranked #1 of skills employers are seeking from candidates.  Read on to see what else they think are important skills, then make sure you’ve got ’em!

Job Outlook: The Candidate Skills/Qualities Employers Want from NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers)

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