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Summary Sunday

In case you didn’t know, there are some really amazing resources for job search and career management information on the web.  Really!? Finding the good stuff can be hard.  That’s why I love sharing posts in Summary Sunday.  It is a weekly roundup of the content I feel you should know about.

Let me start off by show casing two book reviews.  These are books that I will be reading soon and hope you will too!

Why You Need To Read  “The Thank You Economy” from Whiting Consulting

Attrition, Engagement- Just be Enchanting from Blogging4jobs

Both Gary and Guy (hope they don’t mind that I refer to them by their first names) are well-known and well-respected authorities.  Go ahead, check out their books! And if you’ve read them, feel free to leave a comment and share your take-away.

CareerXroads Sources of Hire

CareerXroads 10th Annual Sources of Hire Study

The other sweet read, one I look forward to every year, is the CareerXroads Sources of Hire Study now in its 10th year! Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler do an awesome job breaking down their findings.  Here’s what you need to understand about this study- they asked 200 mega companies, or as they say “large, competitive, well-branded firms”, to respond to their survey and got 36 responses.  (Actually, not a bad response rate).  My gut tells me that this is just one side of the hiring coin.  Someone needs to do a study asking tiny, un-branded companies how they are finding new hires.  I don’t think the answers would be the same.  They have smaller budgets, less staff and over all, fewer resources.  Any way, here are some of the top take-aways from their study:

  • 50.3% of ALL hires were filled from internal movement.  Internal Movement is the #1 Source of Hire
  • 27.5% of hires are attributed to Referrals. Referrals are the #1 Source of External Hires
  • 24.9% of external hires to job boards
    • 52.8% of firms say their job board hires are predominantly from postings not resume searches

Now, here are some posts I think you should check out!


Feeling Stuck in Your Career? Tips to Get Moving by Curt Rosengren from On Careers USNews

The Secret to Job Search Isn’t Volume from Design Resumes


10 Principles of Smart Email from Interview Angel


11 New Websites for Your Job Search by Heather Huhman from On Careers USNews


Competing for Summer Internships. Using a Twitter Contest from NYTimes

Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Deal Breakers from Career Rocketeer

What information would you like to share? Author or post?  Please share in a comment.

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