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Organize Your Online Job Search with Clipix

You know me, I am a sucker for shiny new things! So when I was notified about Clipix, I couldn’t resist sharing this new technology with you.
Keeping your files organized requires a system and the right tools. When all your files reside on your home pc, it makes it difficult to access them on the fly. Plus, if you are like me, I have a really hard time keeping everything organized. First things first, decide what the different categories will be. Here are some thoughts:
  • Jobs applied for and associated materials (cover letter and resume & LinkedIn contacts)
  • Target company’s careers pages
  • Target company research
  • Industry publications

clipix job seeker board

What is Clipix?

Clipix is a free online tool that easily organizes the digital content in people’s lives. Clipix was created out of a need for a tool that would allow people to save and share links, documents, photos and video with one click, and provide a visual and organized environment for all of the things they want to keep track of online. Users can categorize items into different clipboards which can remain private or public. Clipix is available online and across iOS and Android devices. Clipix was founded in 2012 by Oded Berkowitz, a veteran Wall Street professional and web entrepreneur. The company is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey. More information can be found at www.clipix.com

The Clipix Advantage

There are several advantages for job seekers:

  • When you find a job online that you want to apply for, simply bookmark it to Clipix with the click of a button, to create a short-list of your favorite jobs in one location. You can then access these links through your Clipix account from your computer, iPhone or Android phone anytime, anywhere.
  • Any job links you save to Clipix will remain private (unless you choose to share them). This is great if you’re searching for jobs and don’t want anyone else to find out.
  • You can save job links into as many different folders (that represent different categories) as you like, calling them such things as “Full-time jobs”, “$60k + jobs”,  “New York jobs” and so on…

Almost ANY files can be “clipped”

Along with any web link or video, you can “upload” files from your phone or computer such as PDF, jpeg, Word and Excel. This means you can store your resume, images and any other documents with any job links to ensure you can apply for a job anytime, anywhere.

Security and Accessibility

Your Clipix files live in a secure location online that are always password protected. This gives you the flexibility to access your Clipix folders anywhere, anytime.


Yes, unlike social media sites, non-users can view links/clips sent to them via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Set Up

It takes just seconds. Simply go to www.clipix.com, sign up, and then start using – every time you’re on a website and want to bookmark it, simply click the “clip” button that lives on your toolbar.

 I am sure there are plenty of clever uses. Let me know what your thoughts are!

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