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Motivation Monday: Thanks and Giving

Thanks & GIving

Wasn’t it just Halloween? Now it is already time to give thanks. Next we’ll be celebrating the new year…holy cow. But for those living in the here-and-now, it is time to provide thanks and give!


One of my favorite analogies for taking care of yourself comes from the deck of the airplane. You all know what I’m talking about. The flight attendant speaks to you in a fast-paced, often monotone voice. After the seat belt demonstration (honestly, who doesn’t know how one of those buckles work) there’s the warning that should there be a loss of cabin pressure, a mask will fall out from panels above. Pull gently on the mask and place it over your nose and mouth so that you can better assist those traveling around you!

Image by basictheory

Take Care of You

Shawn AchorYou need oxygen in order to think and help others. What this means for you is that you need to have a good working brain and mental well-being in order to help others. When you are feeling miserable, you can’t climb your way out of a paper bag. So start taking care of your mental health today. Be Happy Then Succeed is the secret to taking care of you.

 Put It In Writing

Pad of Paper & PenThank you goes a long way and one of the easiest ways to set yourself apart is sending a written message! Be genuine and sincere. Make it connect on a personal level. Think about the people you know who have made a difference in your life (past and present). Wouldn’t it be nice to let them know how much you appreciate them? Take time this week to send your messages!

 Show Kindness to Others

This life isn’t all about you. Those who have the richest lives are giving selflessly and generously to others. Who can you help? Who wants to know what you know? What difference can you make?

Seriously, whether you are in job search or ingrained deeply in your job, give back. Make a difference and feel good about who you are.

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