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Motivation Monday: Are You Kissing Enough Frogs?

You’ve heard the saying “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince,” right? I think this same logic applies to your job search. In order for you to find your prince (or princess) you will have to seek out opportunities to kiss a bunch of frogs.

A Meeting Is a Kiss

Each time you meet someone, there is the potential that they could be your prince (or princess). When you turn down an opportunity to engage in conversation or blatantly refuse to even try networking, you’ve cut your chances. Until you have a conversation with someone, you won’t know much about them and you will never know where it will lead. Why would you deny yourself or others this opportunity?

An Interview Is a Kiss

Not all interviews translate into job offers. In fact, the majority of them won’t. Each interview is a kiss. It offers potential. Have you turned down an interview? Reconsider your decision the next time you think about turning down the opportunity for a kiss. Could it potentially lead to other conversations either internally or externally? You will never know if you deny the frog a kiss!

Even a Job Is a Kiss

All signs pointed to the fact that you had found your princess (or prince)! But, alas, the fairytale job in the fairytale kingdom with the prince turned out to be a bust. It happens. Look for the moral of the story or the meaning of the fable and begin kissing more frogs!

What actions will you take this week to find frogs?

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