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Motivation Monday: Anything Is Possible, If…

Ordinary people can achieve what others may consider extraordinary results. It happens every day. It can happen for you, if…

Motivation Monday

What Is It That Sets the Ordinary Apart?

super boyThere is absolutely nothing wrong with being ordinary. Phew. But how does someone without an advanced degree, awards, or formal recognition achieve amazing results? That’s the secret many want to know the answer to.

I believe it is primarily due to their spunk. During a specific moment in time, that ordinary person has a passion, unwavering commitment, burning desire, passion, or motivation to make something happen. Nothing will stop them. They believe so strongly in what they feel, know, or want to do, that they go the extra mile and take risks to turn it into a reality. Failure is not an option. They don’t fear it, or even consider it.

Armed and Ready

The ordinary person knows the obstacles they face and makes plans to overcome them. They understand or come to understand the situation better than most and build a strategy to work around stumbling blocks. OK, this strategy may not be completely spelled out. The ordinary person may be using their ‘gut instincts’ to move forward. Or they may have conducted research and spoken to many people to gather information. But what makes this ordinary person extraordinary is their specific vision and unwavering path toward the end goal. They know exactly what they want to accomplish.

Socially Savvy

The ordinary person will build relationships with people who can help them achieve their goal or vision. They are clear about what they want from the relationship and communicate it enthusiastically. Their energy is convincing. Those who hear it and believe in the goal are lured by the contagiousness of the mission. They know the buttons to push and try everything they can think of before backing off. The ordinary person has carefully selected the allies they need.

E for Effort

The ordinary person tries harder. They work tirelessly to make “it” happen. Every minute and every step is allotted and slotted. They squeeze more into to a day and a week than most could. And they never complain, whine or lament their time commitments. The ordinary person’s optimism for the outcome drives them.

Thick Skin

The ordinary person doesn’t pay attention to the nay-sayers. And criticism doesn’t bother them. For every person that says “no”, the ordinary person knows there will be many more who will say “yes!” and so they forge ahead, reaching for the next affirmative response. The ordinary person develops resilience to the opinions of others.

You Are Ordinary AND Extraordinary

Pull all these pieces together and you can be both ordinary and extraordinary. Just one time is all it takes. Be focused, passionate, and unwavering.

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