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LinkedIn Conundrums

There Are Few Absolutes

individualEvery individual on LinkedIn has a different interpretation of how they want to use the tool. I hope you have goals for how you plan to use LinkedIn both as a job seeker and as someone who is truly managing their career. (FYI: LinkedIn is not just for finding a job…it is for building relationships while you are employed!) Keep in mind standard business etiquette- be polite, considerate and respectful of differing opinions and views. Here are some of the sticky-wicket questions commonly posed.

Thanks for the Endorsement (or not)

LinkedIn’s new Endorsements is promoted as a way to give kudos with one click. Yet, if it is so simple to give, do you really need to respond with a thank you? Old fashioned etiquette would say, yes, thank someone. However, that takes time and effort; more time and effort than it took the person to endorse you. Several clicks later, you can and probably should thank someone in a message through LinkedIn. If you chose to return the favor and endorse them, that is another option and decision you can make. If you do decide to send a thank you, know that it will probably be one of very few the recipient receives. This might be the very reason you decide to take the time to do it!

To read the answers to these questions, please see my post on US News & World Report’s On Careers blog.

Featured US News On Careers blogger

  • Do you have to accept and post an endorsement as well as write one in return?
  • Have you ever received a request to connect on LinkedIn from someone you didn’t know or can’t remember? How do you handle this?
  •  Should LinkedIn be an network where you exchange ideas or just a place to post your experience?

Have you taken the time to thank someone for their endorsement?

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