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Joining Groups on LinkedIn Can Expand Your Network

You don’t have to be on LinkedIn.  But why wouldn’t you be there? Being there doesn’t mean just having a profile.  It is a great way to meet and engage with others who share a similar interest.

If you are unclear how to take advantage of groups, this video by LinkedIn might help.   In case you haven’t found it, there is the LinkedIn Learning Center with tons of helpful videos  check that out here.

You can find the right groups for you by searching groups.

How do you do this?  By using the tool bar on your profile:

advanced search groups

Think about professional associations, alumni, alumni groups from past employers, regional/city specific groups.  Yes, there are job seeker groups too.  You can belong to as many as 50 groups.  But more importantly, be strategic and selective and ENGAGE!  Use these groups to build relationships!


The other suggestion made yesterday was to pay attention to LinkedIn’s recommendations in “People You May Know”  which is also on your profile page:

LI people you may know2

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