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Insights to Help You Create a Better Job Search Strategy

CareerXroad’s 2012 Source of Hire survey results are out! This annual survey has been running for over a decade and provides a summary of how companies have filled their open positions in the past year.

External Hires UP .5%

The great news is that external hiring is UP.  In previous year’s this number has been much smaller (27.5% in 2010 and 26.7% in 2009) as a result of the unstable economy.  Most hiring in the past years came from internal sources.

What About the Little Guys?

There is a flaw with this study, in my opinion.  Only large companies were surveyed- each with 1,500 to 10,000+ North American employees. My instincts tell me that surveying the smaller companies (with smaller budgets) would shed a different light on hiring practices.  I am also a huge advocate for the little guys.  I believe, like others, that the success of our economy in the immediate future is going to come from smaller companies.  They are nimble, generally more innovative and can get product/service to market faster and cheaper than the bohemiths.

Are Job Boards Really Alive and Well?

According to the companies surveyed, yes.  20.1% of their external new hires credited the job boards with their finding the job posting.

soh screen shot job boards 2012Your take-away…if you aren’t searching Indeed, you are missing opportunities!

 The Other Sources of Hire

Source of Hire from 20122

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  • 9.8%Career Site
  • 9.1% Recruiter initiated
  • 6.6% College
  • 4.3% Rehires
  • 3.5% Social Media

and I’ll stop there.

Add all of these to your search strategy:

  • Initiate conversations with recruiters geographically and by industry niche.
  • Contact your college and see what services they provide
  • Keep an eye on your past employers career sites
  • And jump on social media, most importantly LinkedIn

 Is Social Media a Source?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to credit a single source of hire. Actually, it always had been pretty complicated.  When you think of all the different ways a job lead can be shared: word of  mouth, email, social networks, etc. Who should really get the credit?

This year’s study looks at how different channels influence the actions of job seekers.  Social media may not be a direct source of hire, however, it is certainly a strong influencer.

  • Job boards were influenced 44% by social media.
  • Referrals were influenced 40% by social media
  • Boomerangs (meaning people who had already been working for that company) were only slightly influenced (21.9%) by social media.

 Your take away…if you aren’t using social media, it may take you longer to find out about jobs or you may miss them all together.

LinkedIn is the big Winner for Companies

soh screen shot impact of LILinkedIn is of significant benefit to recruiters searching candidates as you can see from this image.  Facebook and Twitter don’t even rank as having extensive impact at all, that is, according to these large employers, at this point in time.

Companies seem to feel that their company pages also have somewhat of an extensive reach.

What the Experts Are Saying About CareerXroads study

In John Zappe’s post on SourceCon, he quotes Gerry Crispin of CareerXroads:

says Crispin, offering this scenario:

A job seeker goes to a job board and sees a job at a company where they previous worked. Now the job board has alerted somebody who used to work there. They go to the company site, because that’s where the posting sends them. But they call a friend who still works there, and the friend makes a referral, because the company pays a bonus.

The source of hire gets listed as ‘referral.’

And then there is this humorous, but oh-so-true, illustration of a real-life source of hire scenario in Lance Haun’s post on SourceCon.

Lance Haun SourceCon

 Leave a comment and let me know what your reported as the source of how you found out about your last job!

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  • Margo Rose @HRMargo March 17, 2012, 10:11 am

    Brilliant interpretation of the data. I love the way you curated this study and explained it in layman’s terms. Hannah, it is incumbent upon us in the career professional industry to explain these statistics and this data in ways that our clients and jobseekers can understand and use. We have to help people deploy stronger brand messages. We have to teach job seekers to think like recruiters and hiring managers. More importantly, we have to break the data down to its barest components and make relevant connections that help in real and tangible terms. We get caught in the industry bubble. It is like an echo chamber. As career professionals we need to dig through the industry data and make sense of it all. We have to apply our critical thinking skills in a way that helps other people take positive action. This is one of the best posts I have read in months! Gerry Crispin is a very dear friend of mine. I love the work that they do with the candidate experience project. I’ve interviewed Gerry Crispin several times on my blog radio show compassionate HR. I’ve also interviewed in Elane Ohler and Ed Newman. The works that they’re doing with the candidate experience is crucial because it shining a light on what matters most of all: The candidates. Our community relies upon us to break down The knowledge, the information the research, and interpret it in ways that prove valuable to their careers. His annual survey is the benchmark thought leaders in our industry use as their go-to guide. I personally read everything Gerry writes. Thanks for taking the time to break this down. Job well done!

    Your friend and colleague,

    Margo Rose, M.Ed., HRD.
    Founder of HireFriday and HFChat
    Social Media Strategist

    • Hannah Morgan March 17, 2012, 10:35 am

      Brilliant may be a tad exaggerated but thank you any way!

      YOU are an amazing resource of information and help for job seekers trying to find their way around this rapidly changing world of job search and I am so fortunate to know you and in small ways help support the work you are doing with HireFriday (HFChat) and Compassionate HR.

      There seems to be a huge void between job seeking candidates and hiring entities and so it is absolutely our duty to help bridge this gap!

      Let’s continue to create dialog and community around this mis-match in communication for the betterment of our society!

      Cheers to you!

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  • mahadi August 17, 2012, 6:34 am

    really amazing resource of information…
    cordially thanks.