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How to tweak your resume

I've said it before- I am not a good resume writer, I am just reading a lot of job postings.  Therefore, anyone can be great at writing a resume! 

The new and "must do" approach to resume writing is to tweak it for every job you apply to.  This can be tedious, but perhaps the only way to prove you are qualified for that unique job with that specific company.  We can no longer assume that the cover letter will be read first, if at all.

Tweaking your resume requires you have a specific job posting. 

Step 1: Highlight/underline the specific skills and requirements in the job posting. (I am not talking about "excellent communicator" and "work well independently or as a team member" kind of stuff. 

Step 2:  Use this terminology or wording (as long as it is true) in your summary.

Step 3:  Develop and incorporate specific examples of times when you have performed these job requirements. Most heavily in your current job, whenever possible.

Louise Fletcher at Blue Sky Resumes just wrote a post which shows specifically how to tweak/transform a resume.  This shows the process I described with an actual resume and job posting. 

Learning how to do this effectively should provide greater results without taking a lot of time. 

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  • medical assistant resume September 19, 2012, 2:03 am

    I think after following all the above steps for creating resume you could easily create a good & a effective resume. I would also like to update my resume. Thanks for providing this wonderful this information…