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How do I find a job

Finding a new job is not an easy task.  It takes discipline and focus.  I read a story in the Buffalo newspaper yesterday about an computer operator who had been looking for work for over a year. The man was at a job fair looking for any job he could find. Yes, you have to give him credit, but his approach is all wrong.  He is over qualified and presented himself as such. 

I hear these types of stories a lot.  The media tries to make us feel sorry for these people.  To an extent, I do.  But really, what has he been doing? 

Here's what you'll do: 

Part 1- know your capabilities and be able to speak about them. I mean really speak about them, like a confident sales professional.

Part 2- focus on who needs these talents.  Everyone does, just in different ways.  You need to investigate this more, talk to people in different industries and run some ideas by them about your capabilities and how they might fit.  Obviously, this is done through networking.

Today…right now…make a list of 50-75 companies you would like to work for.  These are companies that would hire you for the type of work you do, period.  They need not have posted openings for them to be on your list.

Part 3- network your tail off-  using Parts 1 & 2. 

The more focused you are in what you are looking for and where you want to do it, the more successful your results will be.  You will have more meaningful conversations that can lead to opportunities.

If you are having trouble with this…seek help.  Ask a librarian.  Use your state's DOL website.  In NY, this link will ask you to select an occupation and county and will list 75 employers who have been known to hire this kind of job.

Now, have a back up plan. What could you do if you just had to work?  What job would you do?  Set the wheels in motion today for lining up this job.  It could be a friend's business that needs some help with their accounting, or promoting their business, or running errands or making deliveries.  Think outside the box.  Think like you are your own business, what solution could you provide.  Again, thinking about who you know, is there a lesser opportunity within their company you could fill?  

With the right mind set, you could easily find enough work this way to have a total income of more than what you'd be getting on unemployment.  

Get creative, think outside the box, be hungry!  You need money.  What can you do that someone is willing to pay for?  Be able to fully explain the financial value to them.  Present the solution completely. 

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  • Barrie Hopson January 25, 2009, 8:50 am

    Love the name Career Sherpa!
    You might be interested in looking at our UK blog on portfolio careers which we reckon is increasingly a career option for people. Katie Ledger and I are currently writing a book on this having interviewed many portfolio workers. This will be published in the UK initially in October. There is another way – which coincidently is the title of the book.

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